Managing & Tracking Call Sheets in

Simple PRO tips to stay on top of your cast & crew call sheet distribution and making sure you keep all your documents in order.

So, you sent the call sheet to your cast and crew. Awesome! Now what? OneTake allows you to keep track of views and confirmations. Let’s take a look:

Tracking Confirmations

The call sheet list will show you an overview of opens and confirmations. To see individual confirmation status, you can click on the call sheet to view the details and you will notice that grey checkboxes have turned green. This means that your cast or crew have confirmed attendance to your production location.

Call sheet confirmations

We also have a companion iOS and Android app that allows you to track confirmations if you are on-the-go.

Open app in your iOS or Android app and check confirmation statuses for all. And if anyone has not confirmed, you can tap on the contact to have the option to call or email them.

Making Critical Changes and Re-Sending Your Call Sheet

Updating elements that are not critical to your production such as company information, title of the call sheet or scene order, will be updated automatically on your call sheet. In fact, all changes to your call sheet will be automatically propagated to the call sheets.

Notice of critical change made to the call sheet

However, if you change critical information like general call time, location or a specific call time for a cast or crew member, we will alert you that some critical elements have been changed and give you the option to resend your call sheet.

The options you have are:

  • Resend to Everyone: Notify them that a change has been made.
  • Resend to individuals: Search for individuals that you’d like to resend the call sheet to.
  • Resend and Reset Confirmation: Let’s say that you changed locations in the last minute and you want to make sure everyone is aware of the change and can confirm assistance.
Re-Send call sheet options

That’s it for managing and tracking call sheets. We really hope to hear from you and your experience using OneTake. We value your feedback because it’s the only way we can make our product better.

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