Managing Your Cast

The cast section has two main panels:

  • Cast List (or character list)
  • Talent List (or actors list)

The cast list, displayed on the left panel, is a unified list of characters identified in the script breakdown.

If you entered Background actors or Stand-ins, you can see them in their respective tabs located at the top of the cast list panel.

Cast List

Status: Red means that there is no talent or actor assigned to same cast or character. Green means that that character already has an actor playing that role. Cast status will change as you add new talent or actors to your project.

Cast ID and Name: the character ID and name is displayed in this panel exactly as you entered it in the script breakdown. You can change the ID in the script breakdown section.

Add (+) button: shortcut to add a talent directly to the cast or character you selected.

Talent or Actor List

Actor’s Name: Complete name and last name of the talent or actor.

Cast ID and Name: Quick reference to the character.

Actor’s Email: call sheets will be sent out to this address.

Actor’s Phone: call sheets can also be sent via text (coming soon).

Cast Section

Actions: you can edit the information of a specific talent or actor, or remove the actor from your project.