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Managing your film or TV production crew is very similar to Managing cast & talent because they follow similar concepts. Here are the differences. Let’s take a look.


The left panel contains a list of above-the-line and production positions organized by department. As you add crew members to each position the count next to the position name will change.

Adding a Crew Member

Just like in the Cast section, you can add a crew member by clicking on the (+) button located to the right of the crew position, which simplifies the process. You can also click on the button located on the top right called “Add Crew”, and in this case you can type the position in the bottom field where you will see an automatic list of matching positions.

Remember: the email address entered for each crew member will be used to send callsheets.


You can use our search option to look for crew member by name, last name, or position. Also, you can see who is listed in the Art Department or as a Head of Makeup by clicking on the department or position on the positions list, and the crew list will show you only the people listed in that department or position. To go back to the full list, select “All” which is the first item at the top of the list.

Crew List

Crew members added to your project will be listed in the main panel and organized by department as well (just like the positions list). Each crew member record includes: Name, Position, Email and Phone.

You can edit the details of each crew member by clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of each column and selecting “edit”.

You can also delete a crew member from your list via the three vertical dots. Please note that deleting a crew member cannot be undone.

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