Announcing a #OneGreenGov Event

On January 22nd, 2020 One Team Gov is convening its third global event; this one focuses on climate, the environment and sustainability.

It builds on, and is inspired by, the years of work already done across the globe to fight climate change. We hope that by doing this we can help to bring people together and play a small part in supporting those who are interested in this movement.

It is for anyone who wants to learn more and take practical action to make a difference for our planet in their community, job, or home life.

One Green Gov Logo
One Green Gov Logo
One Green Gov logo

Why is One Team Gov holding a sustainability event?

One Team Gov was founded to make government more effective, by connecting people and taking practical action.

The sustainable future health of our planet is quite simply the biggest challenge currently facing governments around the world. The One Team Gov community collectively feels that, guided by our seven principles, we have something we could contribute to support those who are seeking to resolve this crisis.

Many of us have deep professional and personal passion to make a contribution to the sustainability movement.

We know it’s not just One Team Gov. Public servants are increasingly considering the climate and green issues as part of their day jobs, or actively working over and above their day jobs to help find solutions to this pressing issue. We’re all about practical action, and we hope this event can offer many public servants small, quick actions that will add up to a larger, rippling, more sustainable change.

The format

We start with the OneTeamGov Principles, always.

The event will “follow the sun” there will be multiple local events happening around the world, spanning 24 hours in total. These can be run by any self-organizing groups that wish to connect to others around the world.

This network will learn from and support each other both before and after the day — no single area will have ownership of the whole. The contributors that show up will decide on how to work together. We’re expecting that the events will vary quite a lot in size and focus.

The umbrella theme is sustainability; this means that groups could focus on any area that contributes to this:

  • Tackling the climate emergency

Anything you can think of that will contribute to the future health of our planet, is fair game.

We aim to make the whole event, regardless of venue, net carbon neutral. This means doing a lot of work before and after the event, as well as on the day, to offset emissions generated by the gatherings and to minimize the impact of them. Some ideas we’ve had about this are:

  • Starting a ‘carbon bank’ where organizers can reduce their carbon emissions in the run up to the event (for example by not using their car for a period of time) and offsetting that against the emissions on the day

Through counting our carbon and managing our impact, we’ll learn a lot about what it really takes to stabilize the climate.

What will happen on the day

We don’t know what individual groups will focus on, but we want as many groups as possible to get involved.

To get you started, here are some ideas:

  • Low carbon community gatherings, where new friends create strategies for neighbourhood-level climate change resilience.

Like a mother tree in a forest ecosystem, we’re considering whether a “Platform Team” could support this community of global organizers. We have started to define how this team will work together in service of this specific effort.

We think that some tools this team could provide are:

  • Ways for people to self-select what they contribute to, and to easily get involved.

We’re still thinking about all of this, and just getting started, but please get in touch and tell us what you would need from us.

Join us!

We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to take part in creating this event.

We’d like to encourage:

  • More people, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, to join the Platform team.

There are no limits to who can join.

You may be an individual who wants to see your community come together to work with local government to make your neighbourhood more resilient to flood events, or to improve air quality through planting trees.

You may be part of an organisation who already works to address environmental challenges, and want to connect with other organisations and movements with similar approaches or interests.

You may be a scientist who wants to communicate your research.

You may have excellent technology skills or tools to help us manage our information or to enable connectivity.

Everyone has something to offer, and something to add.

Next Steps

Keep in touch or get involved!

If you want to help organise an event or just keep an eye on how things are developing, hop on the OneTeamGov Slack workspace:

and join the #OneGreenGov channel.

If you have ideas you think we should incorporate, you can put them in the Slack channel, or suggest them on Twitter using the hashtag #OneGreenGov.

We have a weekly Zoom meeting at 16:10–17:00 (GMT+01:00) — put a message in the Slack channel if you want the joining link.

You can see what the Platform team is up to on our open Trello board:

On behalf of the growing One Green Gov team, we look forward to what we can do together. Thank you.


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