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One Team Gov will crowdsource a series of micro courses on co-leadership in collaboration with FutureLearn

A slicker on a window reads “Better Government by Design #OneTeamGov” The Queen Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) can be seen in the background.
This diagram has 3 corners that say: Leadership: Say / Do, Wellbeing: Self / Others, Climate: Perspective / Habits and shows our three areas of work for 2020.
A photo of a poster designed by One Team Gov in Wales, it reads “Good leaders push power away from themselves”

FutureLearn is an open, online learning platform, changing millions of lives with online learning at In 2020, One Team Gov are teaming up with FutureLearn to release their first crowdsourced online course and we’re inviting you to co-create it with us.

“How can we make sense of leadership in the 21st century?” in an environment which is unpredictable, rapidly changing, and in which no single actor controls

Tweet: How can we make sense of leadership in 21st century? In times like these, Jason Brewster and I wondered what One Team Gov might co-create as a series of micro courses on Co-Leadership. We would love your input!



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