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For learners, by learners — submit your ideas!

To help us to create our series of micro courses on Co-Leadership, we need your submissions in video, audio, or written form by 30th April 2020!

The world has seen public servants pivot, support, and work tirelessly to make a difference, changing everything to keep the public safe and essential services going in this time of crisis. One Team Gov believe that we can harness the collective creative response to the challenges thrown at public servants to explore and develop leadership.

  • We want to capture living memory from public servants as we find ways to work more effectively together during global crisis’.
  • We want to support our leaders and future leaders to go into the unknown with courage, compassion, and care.
  • We have defined Co-Leadership as collective, collaborative, and co-created in complex times.

You can find out all about it here:

We have just 4 weeks to pull together the themes we need to build our vision for the series of micro courses — that’s where we need your help!

We want to use our network to gather as many ideas as possible by 30 April, so we’re currently gathering answers from our global One Team Gov community to a set question which you’ll find below.

Please send us your responses to the following question:

“How can we make sense of leadership in the 21st century?” in an environment which is unpredictable, rapidly changing, and in which no single actor controls

We want to make it as simple as possible for people to send us their thoughts, so you can send us:

  • a short video,
  • an audio recording of your thoughts, or,
  • a written response.

You can do this individually or in groups, you could even record a conversation at any of the virtual events and meet ups happening globally, including those organised by One Team Gov.

Don’t worry about producing something perfect — we want your ideas at this stage, we will be synthesising your thoughts in order to come up with common themes.

We have boiled this down to microactions you can take to share your ideas with us. The culmination of these tiny actions will mean that our series of micro courses on Co-Leadership will be co-created by our global community.

If you have…. 5 minutes

  • Read and retweet this blogpost or send it to five people in your team / organisation
  • Tell us one idea or thought, tagging One Team Gov on Twitter or emailing it to

If you have… 10 minutes

  • Talk to your team about this blog post and how you can contribute to the course
  • Write an individual written response to the question in the Google doc, or by emailing it to
  • Record an individual audio or video response to the question and Google doc, emailing it to (please make sure you supply a consent form for anyone included in the recording).

If you have… 30 minutes

  • Record a group conversation at any of the virtual events and meetups happening globally, including those organised by One Team Gov
  • Add your thoughts and ideas to the Google doc below

How do I get my ideas to you?

Please drop your video or audio to us by email along with the consent form for the person or people recorded by midnight on 30 April 2020.

Please use OTG LEADERSHIP MICRO COURSES and the name of the video participant/s or event in the subject line. Our email address is

If you have any questions or comments please let us know via email or on Twitter.

We’ve already started thinking about the question and themes for the course; you’ll find some of those in the Google doc linked below and you can build on these thoughts and ideas:

Tips for creating video

If you’re taking video please remember to shoot landscape and NOT portrait! Smartphone video is totally acceptable!

If you have a lapel mic or a directional mic you can use then please do, otherwise be sure to record somewhere quiet to make sure that background noise is reduced.

Please make sure that you get consent from anyone recorded, we will be transcribing thoughts and using them to develop the course themes. We may also add them to the final content of the series of micro courses.

Video consent form:

A note on languages…

Our One Team Gov community is now global, and lots of you have expressed an interest in submitting responses in various languages. We would love this!

If you are recording in another language and have time to provide a translation or even just a transcript this would be greatly appreciated. But it’s not imperative, we don’t want to create barriers to receiving good ideas, so we will be happy to receive whatever you can achieve.

When you send us your ideas please just state what language they are in, whether you’ve been able to provide a transcript or translation, and we will do the rest. Thank you!



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