Principles and practical advice for the One Team Gov #BureaucracyHack on 3 July in Hackney

Prateek Buch
Jun 19 · 3 min read
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We’re bringing people together from across the public sector to improve government bureaucracy. This post is a mix of principles and practical advice for how the day will go.

Principles and Code of Conduct

As a OneTeamGov event, we are working to our Principles and have the following code of conduct in place for all of our events, please take a little time to read it ahead of the day:

However this event is a little different to what we have run before.

It’s really important to us that we are able to foster diverse perspectives, and enable people to bring their skills and expertise and create workable solutions to real-world problems.

So we’ve outlined a couple of additional points for the day:

  • The Law of Two Feet: in keeping with other unconference and open space events, if you’re feeling unproductive or uncomfortable in a workstream (see James’ post on the agenda) please feel free to use your feet and move elsewhere
  • Leave your seniority at the door: we’re glad that some senior leaders will be taking part on the day— but we’re asking everyone to leave their titles and grades at home. Everyone’s opinion, voice and suggestions will carry equal weight.
  • We won’t force anyone to participate in techniques that make you uncomfortable: for our neurodiverse colleagues, introverts and extroverts alike, we want everyone to feel welcome, comfortable, and able to contribute. We commit to accommodating requirements such as quiet spaces, accessibility, and other requirements as best we can.

If you have ideas about making this as inclusive, collaborative and enjoyable event as possible, you can let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or on the day — we will add to this code of conduct.

An image that says “Be Active Positive, but also call out negative behaviours” this image was drawn as part of the One Team Gov Global event in July 2018.


An embedded map of the location. You can also access this by clicking the link above.
  • When: 0930–1700, followed by optional drinks
  • Agenda: we’ll have a session to outline each workstream first thing, then work in groups up until lunch where we’ll have an ‘open mic’ to share progress and challenges. After lunch we’ll get back to work, finishing with a Show and Tell. For details, see James’ post.
  • What to bring: apart from your curiosity, energy and can-do attitude, please bring laptops/tablets on which to work. The venue provides WiFi. A special plea — if you have VGA or HDMI connectors for projectors, please bring them!
  • Collaborating and working in the open: we’ve been using Trello and Slack (join here) to plan the day, and will be using tools including Google Docs to document the day and for ongoing collaboration. Please do shout if you anticipate having difficulties accessing such tools — something that will be the subject of one of our themes!
  • Health and safety, dietary requirements etc: we won’t be providing a dedicated cloakroom — please take care of your belongings as you will be responsible for these. We’ll go through access and safety arrangements on the day. If you haven’t told us about dietary requirements already, please email by Wednesday 26th June.

We’re really looking forward to the day and to see what everyone comes up with! See you there!

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UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and others working out how we can make government more effective. #oneteamgov

Prateek Buch

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Data nerd, policy wonk, devoted father, sport fiend. Not in that order. Opinions mine, unless borrowed. #OneTeamGov


UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and others working out how we can make government more effective. #oneteamgov

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