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One Team Gov stand against racism, and support the Black Lives Matter movement unequivocally.

A letter from some of the UK One Team Gov team to the rest of the movement around the world

Black Lives Matter Logo
Our fourth principle: Be Diverse and Inclusive, you can read all of our principles here:
  1. update @OneTeamGovMicro to include specifically anti-racist actions that our community can take
  2. reserve space for colleagues to discuss diversity issues every week at our One Team Gov Wednesday UK breakfast by prompting attendees to reflect on what they have achieved to be anti-racist in the previous week. We call on other One Team Gov meet-ups around the world to do the same.
  3. reviewing our Diversity workstream. Next week our Wednesday UK breakfast club will use Generative Decision Making to help us answer the question “How can we make One Team Gov meet-ups more diverse?”
Our second principle: Take Practical Action, you can read all of our principles here:
A “Becoming Anti-racist” diagram created by
A photo taken at One Team Gov Global in July 2018. People stand on stage and in the background a slide deck reads “Please, Keep in touch, Write blogposts (with###), Make the world better”
A photo of a label written by an attendee at Wellbeing Camp in Leeds 2019, it reads “Inclusion is for everyone, there is courage in vulnerability”



We’re a global community, working together to radically reform the public sector through practical action. We’re driven by optimism and the desire to make things better, and united by a set of core principles.

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Sam Villis

Now: @socialfinanceuk Prev:@ldgovuk, Head of Digital at National Leadership Centre. GDS. Proud to be @OneTeamGov.