Find out more about how we are running the One Team Gov Wellbeing Camp, taking place in Cloth Hall Court, Leeds on 6 June 2019.

Nour Sidawi
Apr 26 · 6 min read
The ‘learn to knit in an hour’ activity that took place at #OneTeamGovGlobal.

If you already know you want to come, you can apply here:

Tickets will be released in May.

You’ll find the previous posts we’ve written on this theme below:

We’re writing this post to share our plans for Wellbeing Camp:

  • To inform you about our plans for the day and all the things we know you’ll want to know!

What can I expect at One Team Gov Wellbeing Camp on 6th June 2019?

The camp breaks down into four parts:

  • The Neighbourhood: where networks and supporters, such as The Charity for Civil Servants and A2Z to Better Wellbeing will have stands. This will take place in Merchants Hall on the Ground Floor.
  • The Conversation Café: will be a safe space talk about challenging topics and will be found in the Corduroy Room on the 4th Floor.
  • The Sessions: where we will have talks, workshops, and activities. These will take place in the Herringbone Suite and Cotton Room on the 1st Floor, and the Tweet Suite and Denim Room on the 2nd Floor.
  • The Quiet Space: a place to rest, relax and recharge. (There will be beanbags too if you want to seriously relax!) You will find this space in the area next to the Corduroy Room on the 4th Floor.

The below link will give you more detail about the location of these rooms:

How will the day pan out?

This is a different type of OneTeamGov event, so we’re looking at a different format. So we have put time into working out how to structure the day and what techniques may help us.

As a participant all you really read to know is that everything still happens on the day; but we’ll largely have a pre-populated grid that we will use to define what happens on the day.

Registration and refreshments will take place in Merchants Hall on the Ground Floor before moving to the Herringbone Suite on the 1st Floor. There will be lots of volunteers on hand to show the way, and to help any attendees with accessibility or other needs.

If you haven’t been to a One Team Gov event before you’re in for a treat!

Where will the conversations takes place?

We’re mindful that people will have all kinds of reasons for wanting to attend a wellbeing event, and that we need to consider everyone's experience.

We’re also mindful that some people have come a long way, and it’s important that you have time to meet people, chat and make meaningful connections, that’s why we’ve allowed space for the Neighbourhood and Conversation Café areas.

All of our supporters and networks from across the public sector will have a market stall as a place where people can come and chat, if they wish.

Where will the activities take place?

The activities will take place in Herringbone Suite on the 1st Floor, which is the largest room at Cloth Hall Court. First and foremost, it’s where we will start and end the day. There will be tables that can seat six people at the start of the day, but people will be free to mill about.

We will be running the intros and opening talks there in the morning, before using the space for some really exciting things.

We are mindful the people may need time out attending sessions, going to stalls in the Neighbourhood or going to Conversation Café, which can be an intense way to spend the day. So, we’re also providing a space to go and take a breather. At the moment we are planning to offer yoga, and meditation, and would like to do more.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in running an activity, the timings will be the same as the sessions, so any activity will be on for approximately 45 mins.

We’re also looking for people to share their skills in an hour: taster sessions to inspire curiosity and increase creativity. Is this you? Could you teach people basic knitting, sketchnoting, or painting? We know we’ve got a lot of people with amazing skills coming, so if there’s something you want to share, get in touch!

What about food on the day?

Food and refreshments will be provided throughout the day. There will be all sorts of options but if you have any dietary requests please let us know as soon as possible.

On the day, you’ll pick up a lanyard and name badge with a 1 or 2 on, which lets you know which of the two lunch slots you’ll be eating in, this is so that the spot for lunch doesn’t get too crowded.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have a flexible events team at Cloth Hall Court, who are equally as determined as we are to ensure everyone is taken care of on the day.

What should I bring?

Bring an open heart, an energised mind, your best listening ears, and passion.

What time are we starting?

We start at 10 am. Doors will open at 8 am.

Some volunteers, along with the organising team, will have been hard at it from 7 am.

What time are we finishing?

We will be out of the door no later than 4 pm.

Is the venue accessible?

Our team have scoped out the venue with the event manager and we are confident that the venue is friendly to people with accessibility needs, but if there is anything in particular you need in order to make the day run more smoothly please let us know.

How will I know if I’m a volunteer?

Firstly, a massive thank you to those that have volunteered, if you need a hug at any point come and find any of us from the organising team. You’ll know if you’re a volunteer if you’ve receive an email from us about it.

These are due to be sent out in May.

And, lastly…

Thank you so much for coming. But more than that, thank you so much for believing in the art of the possible, that we can be better and that by listening to others and learning together we will be richer as a result.

We are incredibly excited and can’t wait to meet you.

The One Team Gov Team!

Contact Us

Please get in touch via @OneTeamGov on Twitter or using the #OTGWellbeingCamp hashtag, or by email


If you’re coming a long way — and welcome the thought of being met by a friendly face — then we have arranged for the Bowler Hats Welcome Ambassadors to be at Leeds Station, to greet you and point you in the direction of Cloth Hall Court.

If you’re worried about getting to Cloth Hall Court, we recommend that you use Cloth Hall Court Maps and Directions, which will give you information about how to get there.


The venue has limited bag and coat storage in a staffed cloakroom, so please travel light on the day!

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UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and others working out how we can make government more effective. #oneteamgov

Nour Sidawi

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UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and others working out how we can make government more effective. #oneteamgov

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