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“What can we do to hold on to collaboration?”

Your Agenda, Your Discussions: Part of a series of posts written by the Directors’ Network, supported by One Team Gov and the Cabinet Office’s Collective Leadership Team.

Directors’ Network goals for 2020: How do we lead collectively? How do we work differently together? And, How do we lead inclusively?
  • Using a Google Doc, we anonymously proposed a topic for discussion,
  • We used “dot voting” to prioritise the discussions based on what we wanted to talk about, and
  • We then discussed the highest voted topics.

Topic 1: How can we use the COVID-19 experience as a springboard to make lasting changes to how we work?

Topic 2: What can we do to hold on to collaboration?




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Nour Sidawi

Mastering the art of disruption in procurement, leadership, and change @MoJGoVUK. Reimagining the future of multifarious possibilities with @OneTeamGov 🌍