Samsung’s First Foldable Phone

Finally the future of technology is here and it’s looking brighter than ever with innovations like this takes place. Yesterday Samsung held an event called Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco and they unveiled a lot of stuff with new notched displays and new UI for their phones, but the biggest thing of the conference is the unveil of the new Samsung Foldable phone which is doesn’t have a name yet but it looks amazing.

Watch the Conference Below

With this unveil it looks like Samsung is going far from the other manufactures, as the new device has two screens with the first appears as a small smartphone display and the other is only accessible when you open the device like a book revealing a 7.3 inches display like they said and it’s called the Infinity Flex Display.

Now there is no any information about the specs of the new device nor the resolution of the screens but Samsung is saying that it will began the mass producing of the new foldable phone very soon.

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