No Man’s Sky

More over-hyped and under delivering than any EA game and any TF2 update!

Ben Stokman
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3 min readOct 7, 2017


When No Man’s Sky first came out, the game sucked. It was not an “open world” game; there was nothing you could do but head to the center of the galaxy.

But now with the new updates, you can do so much more. You can build bases, you can set up a trading post, you can make a trading empire, you can build vehicles, you can make portals, you can farm, you can make autonomous mining machines, you can have aliens work for you, you can edit the terrain, you can finally own multiple ships, you can share a base with your friends via the Steam Workshop.

A car, what did you think it was?

Open World Game

My philosophy is: an open world game must either have options for a story line or be a sandbox. When No Man’s Sky was first released, it failed all of those. The only thing a player could do is gather resources and head towards the all encompassing goal of the center of the galaxy.

The developers have now added more ways for people to play the game, but it is not enough to make it an open world game

You can waste time heading toward the center of the galaxy, but you can also build up a trading empire, or you can farm, or you can even build up a trading empire.

My point is, there still are not enough ways to play the game, there needs to be more content and more things that the player can do.

Are you farming dinosaurs? Either that is your mother, or the largest Venus fly trap to exist.

What the Developers Should Do

As implied from this article, the developers should add more ways the player can enjoy the game. How that is done is the hard part.

Maybe there could be other trading empires, some you battle with, others you trade peacefully with.

Maybe there could be more things other than trading you could do, like missions to help clean up a natural disaster, or a randomly generated story line complete with achievements and rewards.

Maybe there could be a way to create mini games and play them with your friends on the strategically-generated landscape.

My point is: make this more like Minecraft, but without the pixalated blocks. There are enough Minecraft clones. Minecraft is cool due to all of the ways that you can use it. Minecraft is just easier to make because of its block layout.



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