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Live Like a Mermaid

to live like a mermaid,

always swimming in the depths of waters

that host a world of unknowns,

is to let down that guard of yours

that suggests your imagination has a limit —

a limit imposed by the normality of society

(what society deems as normal, that is) —



A place to learn how to become at one with the self, with others and with the beautiful universe. This is a place for self-awareness and reflection, utilizing: yoga, meditation, pranayama, aromatherapy, reiki and veganism. I am because we are.

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Natalie Jeanne Maddy

Natalie Jeanne Maddy

I try to rouse others to find their truths by writing about my own! Yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy teacher. Author of 5 books — thriller, healing, poetry.