As a writer, how do you create a lasting connection?

As a writer, you want an audience. People who will respond to your ideas, your take on the news, your life experience. It’s ultimate challenge and a noble goal: changing minds, swaying opinions, helping others see a perspective they never would have considered. Perhaps more than anything else, you want to start a conversation.

That’s the vision of traditional publishing. You pitch a piece. You cross your fingers. And you hope that, by the time the editors open up your email and edit your ideas, your vision hasn’t gone stale. If you’re lucky, you wait for your “pub day,” ramp up your social media presence, and trust that people will start talking, sharing, commenting and liking — until the buzz dies down and you ned to do it all over again.

But what if the conversation about your ideas could lead to a lasting connection? What if you and the readers who cared deeply about your ideas could stay in touch after everyone else had moved on? For writers who care about the delicate, thorny, complicated, humorous and enduring role that faith plays in our contemporary world, there’s a place for that kind of community now. It’s called OnFaith.

By now you’ve no doubt seen some of the new changes at OnFaith. What started out as a traditional publishing platform, in 2006, has been transformed today into a dynamic new place–a social engagement platform where young aspiring writers and seasoned religion news journalists, those who are still curious to learn more their own faith and those who are searching the internet for something meaningful. As a writer, you don’t need to wait to see if you’ll find your audience anymore. You can start connecting with readers right away.

OnFaith has the tools that will make every writer a published writer. You can:

• Create your own profile page

• Write your own bio

• Upload your author photo

• Follow other members of the community (and be followed back).

• And start publishing and sharing your ideas!

The same top notch, expert writers who made OnFaith a trusted name in faith conversations are still here. But now, you have a chance to be profiled along with them. Your contributions might even earn a spotlight on our home page based on the level of community engagement with your post. And if you’re really eager to have us look at your work, you can send us a link to your uploaded essays; we may decide they’re thought-provoking enough to be shared with the community right away.

Above all, you’ll have a chance to take advantage here of what few sites can really offer: a way of building a lasting relationship with your most committed readers. A way of staying in tune with their interests, their questions, after the conversation has moved on. At OnFaith, the conversation is always ongoing. Come take part.

The OnFaith Editors

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