Welcome to the new OnFaith!

When you’re on a long journey, everyone needs to stop for a meal. Even better when you can enjoy fellowship and conversation with another traveler. It gives you everything you need to keep going.

Today, Sally Quinn and I are writing to invite you to a conversation we want you to be a part of. You already know how important it is to find the right people to join you on your journey. Now, with Sally’s help, our community is getting bigger.

Sally was an “angry atheist” who became a curious “somethingist.” A decade ago, with the help of Jon Meacham, she founded OnFaith at the Washington Post. Through its acquisition by FaithStreet in 2013, OnFaith introduced us to people whose perspective truly broadened our minds: from Queen Rania of Jordan to Eboo Patel of Interfaith Youth Core to writers like Reza Aslan and Karen Armstrong.

Growing up in Baltimore, I thought a lot about other people’s journeys, too, both physical and spiritual. My parents, who came to the U.S. before I was born, grew up as Hindus in a Buddhist country and were educated at Catholic schools. They instilled in me a deep, life-long curiosity to understand different faiths as a means to learn more about others and ultimately myself–a journey that led me to volunteer at Mother Teresa’s Missions in Kolkata and to raise my three children in multiple religious traditions. That’s also why, in 2014, I founded Deily.org.

I never expected that Sally’s journey and mine would meet. But now, two years later, we have.

Starting today, OnFaith will become an even stronger platform–the on-line community for faith and spirituality. We’ll still bring you the same expert voices you’ve come to know these past ten years. But now you can upload your own story, highlight a memorable phrase, ask an expert a question-and share everything with your friends. If the community likes your post, we might even feature it in our “The Conversation.”

So pull up a chair and join us for the conversation! There’s always been a space for you here.


Shawn Bose and Sally Quinn