A quick guide through Lisbon’s best terraces and rooftops

Jonas Romero Sanchez
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4 min readJun 16, 2021

All over Lisbon’s hills, you will be able to find amazing terraces (often with a coffee shop or a bar) where you can admire the scenery whilst zipping your favourite cocktail. In addition, rooftops have become a little treat for portuguese and tourists from all over the world. These are OnJ S. Lázaro favourites!

Bar Terraco Santa Luzia. Credtis: Manuel Manso for Timeout.com

There is one for every taste. That is, if your looking to blow off some steam with your friends, or if you want some intimacy and amazing views, and even if you’re looking for a fun place to meet people. Lisbon has a terrace or a rooftop for you!

  1. Topo Bar (Martim Moniz)

Let’s start with a classic: the Topo Bar. It’s conveniently located in the Martim Moniz square, and only a 5 minute walk from OnJ S. Lázaro. Don’t be surprised when you check the address, because the entrance to this bar it’s through a shopping mall (the door stays open until late night with a guard).

It serves delicious cocktails at a very reasonable price, and also it has a more private area where you can have dinner or snacks with a special someone. Needless to say, it’s breathtaking view to the Castelo de São Jorge it’s one of the main reason why so many lisboetas choose this bar to blow off some steam after work, or for special occasions.

Topo Bar in Martim Moniz. Credits: Topo Bar.

2. Jardim Boto Machado (and Clara Clara Coffee shop)

This amazing and not-that-well-known garden was built in 1862, and it’s located next to the Feira da Ladra. From here, you can overlook the Tejo river, and the beautiful vegetation and jacarandás of the area. It’s kiosk, Clara Clara, has terrace service between 10 am and 11 pm.

It’s tranquility and natural enviroment are perfect to chill and read a book!

If you’d like to visit it, we strongly reccommend to do it on a tuesday or a saturday, the days that the Feira da Ladra, or “Thieves market”, functions on those very streets. Can you imagine a better ending to a morning of shopping that to zip a coffee with this view?

Jardim Boto Machado. Credit: Armindo Ribeiro/ Cámara Municipal de Lisboa

3. Lost In

This wonderful spot is in Príncipe Real, one of the coolest neighborhoods in Lisbon! Although it’s not technically a rooftop, Lost In has one of the best views in the city. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of lisboetas hanging out here after work. Because even though Lost In got really famous a few years ago, it’s still true to it’s origins: a chill place to hang at the sunset hours.

You can’t miss the combination of the East and the Mediterranean food. You can check some of their dishes in their beautiful Instagram account.

Pro tip: If you are planning a trip to Lisbon, put aside one afternoon just for walking between Praça das Flores and Príncipe Real neighborhoods. Some of the best bookshops and buildings of Lisbon are located here.

Lost In terrace. Credit: Lisboasecreta.pt.

4. OnJ S. Lázaro’s patio

Who says that you need to be on the top of a hill to have and amazing view? At OnJ S. Lázaro, we love to serve our breakfast in the comfort of our garden. In the summer, the sun rises behind the Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do monte (as seen on the photograph below), and the smell of fresh coffee it’s in the air.

Come check our Instagram account (@onjstays) and check the special offers and prizes that may have in the future!

OnJ’’s Instagram account. Credit: Jonás Romero