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Four reasons why you should choose the Algarve coast for your next holidays!

The southern coast of Portugal has it all: a rich history, amazing food and some of the most beautiful beaches around the world! If you still haven’t heard of it, here is a quick guide to everything you need to know about Algarve.

Carvoeiro Beach, in Algarve. Credit: Bengt Nyman, Wikipedia.

Currently, the portuguese region of Algarve is one of the most well-known places in the world. It’s sunny beaches, the cliffs that fall down to a turquoise sea and it’s food have turned this part of the country in a tourist attraction for everybody.

But in the unlike event that you, kind reader, haven’t heard of it, here it’s a quick guide with everything you need to know!

  1. Beautiful beaches and perfect weather

As we said, the Algarve has one of the warmest places of Southern Europe. For that, many citizens of northern Europe have chosen Algarve region to spend their summers or their retirements. It is even considered as one of the sunniest region in Europe!

Their beaches are also well considered in the Mediterranean Sea. Here you’ll find the Benagil Cave, Marinha Beach, the Olhos de Água Beach and many, many others. Just check this video!

2. Rich history

Human presence in southern Portugal dates back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. But it wasn’t until the year 1000 BC, when the Phoenicians founded the city of Cádiz (Spain) that other coastal ports were founded along the Algarve coast.

During Roman rule, Portugal and Algarve played an important role. To this day, many Roman ruins, in the form of temples, public baths, bridges, salting and fish-processing facilities and mosaics are widespread all over the Algarve region, notably in Vila do Bispo, Portimão, Quarteira, Faro and in other areas.

3. Amazing food and water sports

The tourism brought to Algarve many, many amazing chefs and restaurants during the past decades. That’s why, until 2019, it hosted 8 restaurants with at least one Michelin star!

According to Time Out Magazine, the Vila Joya, in Praia da Galé, and the Ocean, in Alporchinhos, “are so good that they deserve more than a star”.

The Algarve coast it’s perfect for practicing kayak. Credit: Rytis, Wikipedia.

Also, in Vilamoura you’ll find great spots to practice kayak, surf or paddle surf. A lot of companies offer trips to the caves, or trips to appreciate the marine fauna of the area, such as dolphins.

4. The charm of Vilamoura

Between Faro and Portimão, you’ll find the amazingly beautiful Vilamoura. A place that combines the best of the portuguese countryside and the Algarve beaches.

Vilamoura has a famous marina, where you can find some top restaurants with an ocean view. But if you’re looking for a treat, you can go to Willie’s, a Michellin awarded restaurant located in Vilamoura. Willie is a veteran chef in the Algarve and a master at mixing Portuguese fish and vegetables with internationals sauces and techniques.

And where to stay? In the OnJ Vilamoura, of course! This beautiful house can host as many as 10 people with luxury and comfort and it’s only 1.9 kms away from the beach!

If you need more reasons to choose Algarve, and OnJ Vilamoura, as your destination, just check the following photos!

OnJ Vilamoura property. It fits a whole family group, and it’s located right next to a beautiful golf court!
OnJ Vilamoura property.




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