Influencer Filip Turowski on OnJ: “Your place was above all expectations”

Jonas Romero Sanchez
Oct 28 · 3 min read
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Filip relaxing at OnJ’s patio. Photographs: Filip Turowski

Sometimes, here at OnJ we receive such special guests, that we cannot resist asking them a few questions about their trip.

That is the case of Filip Turowski, a young Polish man who is famous for sharing his trips on his Instagram’s account (that you can check here). Filip has been all over the world, from Asia to western Europe. And now, he chose OnJ S. Lázaro as his first stop for a Portuguese journey that will take a month. Let’s get to know a little more about him!

Filip, why did you decided to come to Lisbon and choose our hotel in particular?

Many of my friends were already in Lisbon and everybody said that I should come here and that I would love it, so eventually, when I wasn’t able to travel to Asia, I decided that now was the right time. When I was researching hotels and places to stay, I saw OnJ and on seeing the location, the pictures and the beautiful tiles outside, I just fell in love.

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OnJ tiles were restored from the 19th century. Photographs: Filip Turowski

What is the first thing you look for in a hotel? Did OnJ meet those expectations?

At first, it’s usually location so I can use as little transportation as possible, because I just prefer to walk around a city. Also being comfortable and having a nice décor is essential for me as I love spending time in beautiful places. Finally, the quality of breakfast; I never leave home without breakfast because it’s really important before exploring new places.

OnJ was above all expectations!

As a traveler, you must have experienced a fair share of hotels around the world. Could you name a unique characteristic about OnJ S. Lázaro that you haven’t seen elsewhere?

You manage to combine an Aparthotel with a Boutique Hotel, and very few places achieve this. Usually the first ones are very modern, whilst the second ones are very pretty, but you manage to put these two things together to create a beautiful venue.

You have a pretty boutique aparthotel, with distinctive rooms, a beautiful kitchen and nice appliances; perfect in general. That was something new for me. Really, really nice.

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Breakfast at OnJ’s patio. Photographs: Filip Turowski

Would you recommend our hotel to your friends or followers?

Definitely, I would (I already did to several of my friends). When my followers saw what I shared from here, a lot of people started sending me messages. It’s a great location; you can walk to anywhere, such as Chiado, Alfama and to beautiful view points. You can have a good breakfast before you leave, the rooms are very comfortable, staff is amazing and so is the service.

It’s just one of those places that you want to come back to after your trip. Thank you very much!

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You can also enjoy breakfast in your room! Photographs: Filip Turowski

Interview: Sarah Sérgio
Editor: Jonás Romero
Photographs: Filip Turowski

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