Lisboa pet friendly: 5 places where you can be with your four legged friend!

Jonas Romero Sanchez
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3 min readMar 13, 2021


Nicolau Lisboa. Credit: Boa cama boa mesa — Expresso.

We know that the hardest part about planning a trip it’s to separate from your pet. But don’t worry! OnJ S. Lázaro isn’t the only place in Lisbon that loves to host you and your four legged friend. Here are some others coffee shops, restaurants and even bookstores that will gladly host you and your mascot!

1. Nicolau Café

As you can see on the main picture of this article, the Nicolau it’s a place where pets are taken very seriously. This coffee shop started in 2017 in the Baixa neighborhood, and immediately took over Lisbon. Here you can find some of the most beautiful (and we mean beautiful) brunchs, smoothies, coffees and avocado toasts in town. And don’t forget: you can go with your pet!

2. Palma Cantina

Palma Cantina. Credit:

The Palma Cantina it’s a super cool restaurant that recently opened in the Largo de Intendente (only a 3 minute walk from OnJ S. Lázaro!), and it’s menu is inspired in Latin American cuisine, with a twist. For example, the cocktail menu includes an hibiscus infused margarita and a spicy cilantro mezcal. The Palma has a really nicely decorated interior but in the summer you’ll find that the terrace can be one of the most vibrant in the city.

Take a peak at their Instagram!

3. Livraria Bertrand and Livraria Barata

Dogs in the oldest bookstore in the world? Yeah, it’s a thing. To be fair, there are a few other bookstores that will gladly receive you and your pet, but we wanted to highlight these two: Bertrand and Livraria Barata.

You probably have already heard about the first one. Bertrand it’s the oldest functioning bookstore in the world, and in 2018 they became pet friendly. In Lisbon, you can go to two of their stores, the one in Chiado and the one located in Avenida de Roma. Livraria Barata it’s also located in Avenida da Roma, and as you can see in the next picture, it’s interior is inspired by the famous Calçada portuguesa. Say hello to Fido!

Livraria Barata. Credit:

4. Noobai

Noobai. Credit:

The Noobai restaurant it’s famous for it’s stunning river views and sunsets. It has three renovated terraces to enjoy the scenery, with some delicious cocktails and tasty portuguese dishes. And they allow “well behaved” pets!

The Noobai it’s located right next to the Miradouro de Santa Catarina.

5. OnJ S. Lázaro:

Last but not least! Since our foundation, we have been a pet friendly hotel. For years we have received guests with pets from all over the world, but a year ago we took it to the next level partnering with Barkyn, a company that prepares delicious organic meals for your pets.

Every pet that arrives at OnJ S. Lázaro gets their own bed, a water plate, and at least one of these delicious treats made by Barkyn. Did we mentioned that their food it’s made only with locally produced vegetables and the best proteins?

One of our favourite guests, Belén and her dog Wifi, talked about why they have been choosing OnJ S. Lázaro as their hotel in Lisbon for the past four years!