The Week-Ish: Believe and Behave

This edition of The Week-ish is guest curated by spoken-word artist, activist, and Level Ground friend Emily Joy.

In response to the #IntervarsityPurge last month (which you can read more about it in the original Time article here, in Justin Lee’s response here, and/or in the petition here), we asked Emily to find encouraging, healthy dialogue that defies and challenges the exclusive “Believe and Behave” rhetoric that Intervarsity (and groups like them) posit towards people who disagree with them.

Share your thoughts and responses directly with Emily, on Level Ground’s Facebook page, or with some friends in real life (IRL). As always, thanks for reading The Week-ish.

Dialogue, not division

In response to Intervarsity USA shutting down dialogue about the theology of sexuality and purging all members who disagree with their statement, the Pomona-Pitzer chapter of Intervarsity has decided to disaffiliate from the national organization. In wanting to protect their LGBT and LGBT-affirming members and affirm the sanctity of honest dialogue they wrote:

Fellowship would face the threat of being de-recognized as a student organization by ASPC for failing to foster an inclusive environment if it was associated with the new IV policy. Due to this possibility and the hurt that the policy caused queer and queer-affirming students, said Jun, Koh, and Hoekstra, the Pomona-Pitzer Christian Fellowship decided to put the option of disaffiliation from the national IV organization to a vote.

Read more about this story here.

Other conversations the internet is having

Academia, Love Me Back

This is what happens when racism flourishes in academia and in the classroom: women of color are accused of plagiarism for using big words. Read up:

Your thoughts first

Watch this

13th — a documentary that posits that slavery never truly ended, but was just transformed into what we now know as mass incarceration — just hit Netflix. Sure to encourage conversation.

Meet Level Ground collaborators

Stephen Cone is a Chicago-based filmmaker whose film Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party was just released on Netflix. The film screened at both Nashville and Pasadena Festivals in the last year. Check out Level Ground’s write-up of the film titled “An Evangelical Pool Party,” get some friends together to watch the film, and follow Stephen on Twitter.

Read this

Lots of people talk about the “struggle with homosexuality” or the “struggle with same-sex attraction.” Not as many people talk about the struggle with destructive theology. Thankfully, Jarell Wilson (@TheJarell) has started a conversation about it.

Overheard online

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