Top Trusted Japanese Dating Sites in 2024: Meet Legit Singles Online

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Excited to try Japanese dating? Start with the most popular Japanese dating sites where you can meet the Japanese women of your dreams. This guide contains useful tips to make your online dating experience pleasant and successful. So, no matter what your goal is (casual dating or a serious relationship), simply choose the leading Japanese dating app and start your dating journey!

Best Japanese Dating Sites in USA in 2024

🔥 SakuraDate — Best Overall

  • ✅Free version: Yes
  • 🇺🇸Users in the US: 5K
  • 🌐Available on: Web version, Google Play

Sakura Date has been launched less than a month ago, but the site has good potential. More and more Japanese women and men keep joining the community due to a good marketing campaign, so probably, it will be able to compete with popular dating apps pretty soon. The prices are pretty reasonable for a niche site — members can get 35 credits for just 3 dollars.

🌟Main features:

  • Chat & Letters
  • Media file exchange
  • Swiping
  • Search
  • Support 24/7

“So, what exactly makes Sakura Date a promising dating site? It’s a combination of different benefits for users. First of all, you can create an account in a few minutes without providing any payment details. Second, you get access to very detailed profiles of Japanese women and men. Third, on this dating site, members can use different types of search and send text, audio, and video messages at a pretty reasonable cost.”


  • Ease of use
  • Growing community
  • Transparent policies & great tutorials


  • No free messaging

EasternHoneys — Best for Casual Dating

  • ✅Free version: Yes
  • 🇺🇸Users in the US: 180K
  • 🌐Available on: Web version

EasternHoneys is one of the most widely used niche platforms in the market. It’s designed only for Asian singles and Westerners who want to meet them, and now, the site has around 300,000 registered members, and around 180 thousand of them are from the United States. Everyone can join this online dating platform for free, but there are premium features that cost some credits. The minimum price for one credit is around $0.15 for a new member.

🌟Main features:

  • Online messenger
  • Mails (longer letters up to 3,000 characters each)
  • Swiping and basic search
  • Secret albums
  • Profile videos

“What are the reasons for using EasternHoneys dating service? As usual, it’s about the combination of different factors. Everyone can create an account for free, take a quiz and make a detailed profile. Non-paying users can access profiles, send winks, spend their bonus credits on conversations, view photos, and more. Those who buy credits, in turn, get an opportunity to start more dialogues, use live chat, Mail service, send virtual gifts, and more.”


  • Good interface
  • Simple yet efficient system
  • Good moderation & detailed profiles


  • No video chat or phone calls

TheLuckyDate — Best New Website

  • ✅Free version: Yes
  • 🇺🇸Users in the US: 300K
  • 🌐Available on: Web version

Unlike many other international dating platforms, TheLuckyDate accepts singles not just from one country or region but from multiple places — Western countries, Latin America, Europe, and of course, Asia. Japanese singles are some of the largest groups of singles on the site after Americans. Currently, there are 500 thousand TheLuckyDate members, and this number only keeps growing. Here, users buy credits, and the cost of 100 credits starts at $0.22.

🌟Main features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Free search
  • Audio messages
  • Virtual gifts and stickers

“TheLuckyDate is the best dating site for beginners who want to try international dating but don’t know how to use complex platforms with tons of features and links (not always necessary ones). Here, everything is simple — you apply search filters, find Japanese women, swipe left or right, send likes, and initiate conversations. The response rate is high, the pricing policy is transparent, and you also can get some bonus credits from the company to get started.”


  • An active community of singles
  • Works just like a dating app
  • Members can exchange photos & videos


  • No free messaging

NaomiDate — Best for Meeting a Perfect Match

  • ✅Free version: Yes
  • 🇺🇸Users in the US: 200K
  • 🌐Available on: Web version

NaomiDate can be considered one of the popular Japanese dating platforms — now it has around 200 thousand members worldwide, and most of them are from the United States or Japan. Members can join for free, and there’s no monthly fee, but those who want to use premium features need to buy credits. The costs start at $12.99 for 35 credits.

🌟Main features:

  • Online Now fast search
  • Mails & live chat
  • Search with detailed filters
  • Media file exchange
  • Tips and tutorials for users

“If you’re looking for a site where you can start a serious relationship with one of the Japanese singles, NaomiDate might be one of the best options. The thing is, this platform has everything that it’s supposed to help people find the right matches and get to know each other well enough online. Profiles are super-detailed, and with 10 photos on average, there are a lot of advanced search filters, and members can exchange media files as often as they want to.”


  • Works for people seeking serious relationships
  • Registration is completely free
  • New members get free credits


  • No video chat

AsianMelodies — Best for Active Instagram Users

  • ✅Free version: Yes
  • 🇺🇸Users in the US: 400K+
  • 🌐Available on: Web version

Asian Melodies is a pretty old and popular Japanese dating app, or rather, a mobile-friendly Japanese dating site. It has members from other Asian countries, too, but meeting a Japanese woman here is really simple, considering that the site has around 700,000 registered users in total. This is a paid website with some free features. If a free version doesn’t work well enough for you, you can get more credits for a relatively low cost of $0.15 per credit (the price will depend on the number of credits that you’re going to purchase.)

🌟Main features:

  • Opportunity to share new posts
  • Instant messaging
  • Mails
  • Private and public albums
  • Basic search

“Unlike many other Japanese dating apps and sites, AsianMelodies offers something special. No matter if you’re looking for just a few dates or a future partner to start a serious relationship with, you’ll be able to make more conscious choices as the platform allows members to share posts as if it was a social media site. That’s how you can learn more about the person you’re going to contact and save credits you could spend on the wrong match.”


  • Many verified Japanese users
  • Great interface and polished design
  • All the best communication features are available


  • Members can initiate conversations for free

How to Choose the Right Japanese Dating Site?

It’s hard to pick a leading Japanese dating site because so many of them are scams where people just pay for fakes. Thus, to make sure that an online dating site for meeting Japanese girls will live up to your expectations, you need to think about the following suggestions:

  • Quality of the profiles. What do people write in their profiles? Is it possible to start a conversation having this information? Pay attention to this because it will have a significant impact on your dating experience.
  • Easy-to-use interface. Any user enjoys visiting websites with an intuitive interface and contemporary design. Nobody wants to learn complicated functionality. Therefore, choose a dating site with a user-friendly interface.
  • Japanese dating app. An indication of success is the availability of a dating app and the adaptation of the website for mobile devices. Dating apps or convenient mobile versions allow you to use a service on the go and speed up the search process.
  • Users’ feedback. You can learn a lot about the best Japanese dating sites’ image and reputation on forums and communities. So read blog posts and discussion boards to find out what other people think of the best dating site.

I hope these tips will help you avoid getting confused while choosing dating services. Put your trust in the best Japanese dating sites I offer if you don’t have time to look for dependable services on your own and enjoy your search for the ideal Japanese woman.

Niche Japanese Dating Apps vs. Mainstream Dating Apps

Choosing between niche Japan dating sites and mainstream apps can sometimes leave users feeling confused, as both options have their own advantages and drawbacks. So let’s take a look at the comparison tables to help you make your decision easier.

Niche Japanese Dating Apps


  • Give you the chance to meet people whose interests are similar to yours
  • There are a lot of verified users and few fake profiles
  • As you meet people with the same objectives, your fear of being rejected might go down


  • A premium account typically costs quite a lot
  • Some services have many inactive users

Mainstream Dating Apps


  • Ability to set preferences based on your requirements
  • Large selection of potential partners
  • Ability to date multiple partners simultaneously


  • The search of a potential partner can be restricted to local people only
  • Female users need to be prepared for rudeness, unwanted attention, and harassment

How to meet Japanese women online?

If you believe that you have a good chance of finding your true love in Japan and want to search for a future bride online, consider taking the following steps:

🎯 Choose the site with the right target audience.

You need access to the high-quality profiles of real Japanese singles. The rest is optional, but ensure that the platform meets this important criterion.

💸 Test the service before spending money.

There should be a bonus or a free trial. Use free features and test premium features to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

🔎 Learn how to use search.

There may be multiple search features. Use the most effective of them to select the members who share your values and views. That’s how you’ll find the right person sooner.

💬 Communicate using the most effective features.

Focus on your best potential partners. Texting is great, but top sites like Sakura Date have more advanced audio messaging, video messaging, etc. Use them to build deeper emotional connections.

The main idea is to find the most compatible Japanese woman and start a long-distance relationship with her first. Then, once you feel ready to take the next step, just meet your girlfriend in real life.

Does Online Dating in Japan Work?

Japan is a highly developed country, and many people joke that Japanese people are already living in 2223. The country is quickly adopting technological innovations and searching for different ways to make their lives easier and more effective.

And love life is no exception, as most singles are using Japanese dating sites or apps. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

  • Because of the pandemic, Japan saw an over 50% growth of online daters
  • And Japanese singles are using their dating sites longer. In 2021–2022 there was a 13% year-on-year increase in screen time
  • 1 in every 5, or 22.6% of married couples met their partner online
  • Online dating sites in Japan have more male users; only 25% of sites’ members are Japanese women
  • 18–24 year-olds are the biggest demographic group (33.3%) using online dating sites

As you can see, dating online is very popular. But why?

  1. Post-covid habit. Many people are used to meeting new people only online, and many Japanese women don’t even talk to strangers on the streets and in cafes, bars, or restaurants.
  2. It’s time efficient. A busy lifestyle rarely leaves time for trying to meet dates, and Japanese dating sites make the process faster and provide more women than you can ever meet IRL.
  3. More efficient to foreign guys and girls. You can save money and time on traveling and meet Japanese singles from the comfort of your home.

All in all, using a dating site or a dating app to meet single Japanese people will work for everyone who likes convenience, want to find a Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend fast, and doesn’t mind long-distance at the beginning of a relationship.

Top Tips for Safe Online Dating

Dating Japanese singles should always be a positive and pleasant experience. But it won’t be if you lose $2,400, which is the average loss of the victims of romance scammers. So I gathered helpful advice to help you keep your money in your pocket. Follow my tips and ensure that your dating journey is smooth and stress-free:

  1. Beware of fake profiles. No personal details, few photos and videos, and stock responses are usually signs of scammers.
  2. Check photos. Run a reverse image search if public photos seem suspicious; it’s easy to find their origin through Google.
  3. Request video chat. Faking voice and video calls is nearly impossible, so constant denials are a red flag.
  4. Ignore money requests. Do not believe “family troubles” and “sick pet” claims from users you barely know, and save your earnings.
  5. Block and report. Add suspicious profiles to your block list and report potential scams to help other users avoid fraud.

What Is Dating Like in Japan?

Although Japanese dating etiquette has a lot in common with surrounding countries, there are peculiarities you should consider to ensure a successful relationship with a Japanese girl:

  • Confessions come before dating. If a girl and guy are friends or acquaintances, one must confess their feelings and ask the other on a date to make their romantic relationship official.
  • Matchmaking parties are common. Konkatsu and goukon parties help single Japanese women find potential dates and husbands.
  • PDA is limited to hand-holding. Kissing and hugging in public are uncommon, as most Japanese ladies prefer to keep their affections private and not make people around them uncomfortable.
  • Dates can last a whole day. On weekends, couples plan elaborate outings to amusement parks or short trips that have them spend whole days together.
  • Family background matters. The oldest siblings in large families are less desirable partners, as they would be expected to care for elderly parents.

While some personal preferences can differ, you can expect most Japanese women to have similar dating expectations.

Get Rid of Stereotypes: Dispelling of Myths About Japanese People

Treating a potential Japanese partner from the point of the stereotypes is never a good strategy if you are searching for love on a Japanese dating service. Explore these common misconceptions about Japanese people:

🤔 Japanese women are submissive and obedient.

False. Pop culture is to thank for this stereotype, but in reality, there are so many types of Japanese ladies, and the majority are way more modern in their views.

🤔 Japanese people are crazy about high-tech gadgets.

Partly true. Well, as considering the growth of tech in Japan, it is sometimes that it’s already living in 2033. But not all Japanese girls and guys are crazy tech.

🤔 Japanese eat sushi every day.

False. Though sushi is a part of traditional Japanese cuisine, it’s not something people eat daily. And also, you’d take into account that traditional sushi looks nothing like what the average American girl orders in a sushi restaurant.

Learning more about Japan will help you understand the mentality of your future Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend and not treat them assuming the stereotypes you know are right.


Having explored the world of Japanese dating sites, I can confidently say that searching for an ideal partner online is the best way to go if you are interested in starting a relationship with someone from this region. From the sleek and user-friendly Eastern Honeys to the more niche but lively atmosphere of SakuraDate — Japanese dating websites provide everything for searching, chatting, and having fun online. Also, check out NaomiDate if you want to connect to just verified Japanese singles.

*Advertising Disclosure: This article might have sponsored content. We recommend doing your own research and making choices that are best for you. The content provided here is for informational purposes only.



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