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More and more singles worldwide have started looking for romantic relationships in South Korea. Is this goal even achievable? Yes, absolutely, and I’ll tell you everything you should know about the best Korean dating sites and provide you with some interesting information on the Korean dating culture.

Best Korean Dating Sites in USA in 2024

🔥 SakuraDate — Best for Serious Relationships

  • Free version: Yes
  • Users in the US: 70K
  • Available on: Desktop and mobile devices

SakuraDate is a newcomer in the dating market but a promising online dating app for finding a perfect Asian match. The fact that 85% of its members are from the USA and fall within the age range of 25–35 demonstrates its popularity as an online dating site. The platform employs a credit-based system for communication, with a minimum price of $12.99 for 35 credits.

🌟Main features:

  • Live chat
  • Media file exchange
  • Letters for those who prefer longer emails
  • A few types of search features
  • Likes

“With its free sign-up and various complementary features, SakuraDate is convenient to use. Thanks to the detailed profiles, excellent selection of filters, and the Like Her tool, I took pleasure in searching for potential matches. Furthermore, the instant messaging features are well-organized, allowing users to share photos, videos, and audio, thereby facilitating genuine conversations with Korean singles.”


  • A promising Korean dating site expected to grow in the future
  • All the best communication features are available
  • The prices are reasonable compared to other Korean dating sites


  • No so many users for now
  • No mobile app

EasternHoneys — Best for Social Media-Like Experience

  • Free version: Yes
  • Users in the US: 180K
  • Available on: Desktop and mobile devices

EasternHoneys is one of the Asian platforms that can be considered one of the top Korean online dating sites — now it has around 300 thousand users, which is a lot for a niche platform. It’s a so-called freemium website, though. Just like TheLuckyDate, it has both free and premium features, and users can buy credits at a price that starts at around $0.15 per credit for newly registered users.

🌟Main features:

  • Live chat
  • Mail service
  • Virtual gifts
  • The People feature (swiping)
  • Newsfeed & followers

“If you’re looking for a leading Korean dating site that offers something more than just a live chat with Korean singles, EasternHoneys might be the platform you’ll really like. Here, you can follow Korean women and men, like posts, and exchange photos, opinions, and thoughts, which makes the site a half-social media platform. There are more standard features like Mails and instant messaging, but the unique concept of Eastern Honeys is what distinguishes it from other Korean dating apps and sites.”


  • Innovative features that improve the experience
  • Modern website with polished design
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden costs


  • No unlimited messaging for non-paying users
  • No dating app

TheLuckyDate — Best for Serious Relationships

  • Free version: Yes
  • Users in the US: 320K
  • Available on: Desktop and mobile devices

TheLuckyDate was launched not so long ago compared to many other sites in this segment of the international online dating market, but just in a few years, it gained over 500,000 registered users worldwide, a lot of whom are from South Korea. It’s not completely free, though — members who want to use special features can do it if they buy credits, and the prices start at just 22 cents for 100 credits.

🌟Main features:

  • Basic search
  • Swiping
  • Live chat
  • Audio messaging
  • Virtual gifts

“TheLuckyDate is a global dating site that works like a Korean dating app or any other mainstream app. There’s swiping, basic filters, and messaging, but the thing is, there’s better moderation, and the policy is stricter, so the quality of profiles is much better, and some special features like virtual gifts are offered. All this together allows the site to remain an easy-to-use platform but provide a better and, most importantly, safer online dating experience.”


  • Users add 5–10 photos on average
  • Bonuses for newcomers
  • Transparent policy & good security system


  • Not a free Korean dating site
  • Not exactly a Korean dating app

NaomiDate — Best for Finding Someone Special

  • Free version: Yes
  • Users in the US: 200K
  • Available on: Desktop and mobile devices

NaomiDate is a global online dating site with most members in Asian countries, including South Korea. Now it has around 200 thousand active users, and this number keeps growing month by month. Men registered on the site are the ones who pay for communication, and new male members can get 35 first credits for just $12.99.

🌟Main features:

  • Live chat
  • Audio and video messages
  • Gifts
  • Advanced search
  • Letters

“NaomiDate is one of the sites that weren’t initially designed for dating Korean girls and guys and no one but them. However, it’s now known as one of the best Korean online dating sites with an active community and some great features. However, its biggest advantage is the profiles that are incredibly detailed due to the site’s strict policy. Here, you can learn a lot about the person before spending your credits in chat.”


  • Very detailed profiles compared to many other Korean dating sites
  • Great online messenger with media file exchange
  • Good support available 24/7/365


  • No dating app

AsianMelodies — Best for Casual Relationships

  • Free version: Yes
  • Users in the US: 400K
  • Available on: Desktop and mobile devices

Currently, this online dating platform can be considered one of the most popular sites to meet a Korean woman or man. With around 700,000 members worldwide, it’s one of the largest communities of people seeking casual cross-cultural relationships. Here, members can get 20 free credits as a welcome bonus and buy their first 20 credits for just $2.99.

🌟Main features:

  • Messaging
  • Profile videos
  • Media file exchange
  • Emails
  • Support 24/7

“Asian Melodies is a site where a man has a great chance to meet a Korean woman and start a relationship with her. There are male members from South Korea, too, but there are much fewer of them, so that it will work better for Western men rather than for Western women. Also, there are all the great features that the best Korean dating sites and apps usually have, from a fast and easy-to-use online messenger to virtual gifts and profile videos.”


  • A few types of search features
  • The active community of similar-minded singles
  • Discounts and bonuses for new members


  • No video chat

How to Choose the Right Korean Dating Site?

The best Korean dating site is the site that is safe and meets your specific criteria. In other words, you should find a legit online dating platform that will work best for you. Here are some recommendations that can help you find such a website:

  • Never choose the first site you like. There are pretty many Korean dating sites, and you should do that background research on at least a few of them to have a great online dating experience. Find at least 3 platforms that meet your basic criteria and then make a choice.
  • Ensure the site has the right target audience. If you’re looking for dating sites to meet someone from South Korea, you should make sure that there are enough users from this particular country.
  • Learn everything about how the system works. Check prices, find out what features this online dating platform has, and consider your own dating goals. If you’re seeking something serious, there must be more advanced features and, in particular, advanced matching algorithms, and there must be no hidden costs.
  • Test the online dating site before you make a payment. The best Korean dating sites offer bonuses or free trials, so you can join the site and test it to make a conscious decision to stay or not to stay here.

In other words, a person choosing between Korean dating apps and sites should do background research before making a choice. Yes, that’s time-consuming, but in the end, it’s always worth it.

Niche Korean Dating Apps vs. Mainstream Dating Apps

Why not just use Tinder for dating Korean girls and guys? Of course, that can work, too, but it’s important to consider that both niche online dating websites and mainstream apps have their pros and cons. So, I’m going to explain some of the most important benefits and drawbacks of both types of platforms below.

Niche Korean Dating Apps


  • The right dating pool, high chance of meeting a Korean girl or a guy
  • Korean members intentionally looking for a foreign partner
  • Many special features that allow building an emotional connection even at a distance


  • It’s hard to find free dating apps and sites for Korean singles and foreigners
  • Usually, there are also members from other Asian countries
  • You not always can get an official mobile app

Mainstream Dating Apps


  • Large dating pool, tens of millions of members worldwide and in particular, from South Korea
  • Usually, messaging is free
  • Most platforms let users verify accounts


  • Most Korean women and men are looking for local partners
  • No advanced communication tools
  • The best features are still paid

How to Meet Korean Women Online?

A man has a real chance to find love in South Korea without leaving his home country. However, every online dater needs a good strategy. Here are the points it can be based on.

🎯Choose the best of all niche dating sites.

You need to choose a site that will meet the two main criteria — have enough Korean members and provide high-quality dating services.

👤 Join the community, create a good profile, and test the service.

Top dating sites like SakuraDate allow members to join the community for free, create detailed profiles, and test some premium services using bonus credits. So, these are the first things to do after you set up an account. Just make sure you know what to expect on a particular dating platform.

🔎 Find your best matches by using top search features.

A good international dating site is supposed to have a good selection of search features. For example, on SakuraDate, you can use swiping, apply extended filters, see similar profiles, etc. Sort profiles, choose potential partners carefully, and you’ll be likely to succeed in a shorter period of time.

🗣️ Communicate using the best features.

Messaging is great, but we’d recommend trying alternatives, too. Test the Letter service, audio and video messaging, try sending gifts, see what works best for you, and improve your dating strategy accordingly.

Remember that your main goal is to find a special Korean woman and start a relationship online. Then, you’ll just need to choose a date, plan your trip, and meet your girlfriend in real life.

Does Online Dating in South Korea Work?

Yes, it works, and here are the main reasons why:

  1. By 2027, the number of online dating users in South Korea is expected to grow by 5.77 million people. In other words, the dating pool is huge, and the chance of meeting Korean girls or guys online is getting better and better year by year.
  2. Algorithms and features offered by online dating services are constantly improving. On a niche dating site, you automatically get access to the right dating pool — Korean singles looking for relationships with a foreigner. However, it’s not the only benefit of using such platforms. Someone who’s going to start a relationship with someone from another country needs not only to find the right person but also to build an emotional connection online, and innovative features are more than just helpful.
  3. There’s no room for uncertainties and social awkwardness. Social awkwardness is a multicultural problem, and South Koreans also experience difficulties when approaching someone in real life. Going online is just an easier way for many of them to find a partner.

Simply put, online dating is common in South Korea, and if you’d like to find a partner from this country, you can just use this chance.

Top Tips for Safe Online Dating

  1. Check the prices. There must be no hidden costs, and the policy must be transparent. Ensure that you won’t be overcharged on a Korean dating site.
  2. Check the photos. Make sure there is the same person on all profile photos. Ideally, use Google search by image to ensure that photos aren’t stolen from third websites.
  3. Never send money. No matter who’s asking you for financial help, ignore such requests, block this user, and report scams. The same goes for cases when someone offers to send money to you.
  4. Don’t ignore red flags. Sometimes, when things are moving fast on a Korean dating site, it’s a bad sign as someone might be trying to gain your trust. Try to spot this, as well as weirdnesses and contradictions.
  5. Protect your information. Protect your own data at all costs. Doesn’t share any sensitive information, from explicit photos to contact details and especially financial details.

What is Dating Like in South Korea?

Want to know more about dating in this country? Take a look at a few interesting facts:

  • Getting married at an older age is the new normal. More and more Koreans start serious relationships at an older age. In particular, Korean women get married in their early thirties. This, however, is also explained by the fact that young Koreans need to work very hard to withstand the competition and achieve success.
  • Intermarriage is more common than most people think. In fact, nearly 7% of marriages in South Korea in 2021 were international marriages. Foreigners are often considered exotic, so they can even get an advantage over local singles.
  • The language barrier won’t be a problem. Many international singles who’re going to find a partner in Asia have concerns about the language barrier. Well, it really can negatively affect a relationship, but not in the case of South Korea. In fact, English is the most popular second language in this country (87%), followed by Japanese and Chinese.

Basically, that’s the most important information for a foreigner who’s going to date in South Korea. Still, I’d recommend learning more about Korean dating culture if you are serious about finding a perfect match in this particular country.

Get Rid of Stereotypes: Dispelling Myths about South Koreans

If you’re going to date Korean girls or guys, you should also consider that any nation just hates stereotypes. Here are a few things that aren’t true about South Koreans:

🤔 They are all obsessed with beauty and plastic surgery.

False. If a Korean girl is beautiful, it doesn’t mean that she had plastic surgery. If a guy is handsome, it doesn’t mean he wears makeup.

🤔 They’re all good at math.

False. That’s just a myth that all Asians hate, and South Koreans aren’t an exception to this rule.

🤔 They’re racists.

False. That’s definitely the worst — Korean culture is changing just like any other culture in the world, and today, nearly all Koreans respect all nations, races, and ethnicities.

Just consider that, and you’ll avoid mistakes many foreigners often make.


Korean girls and guys are getting more and more popular not only on the stage or social media sites but also in the international dating market. The number of niche platforms designed to connect Westerners with singles from South Korea is constantly growing, and a user who’s going to find love in this country should do two things: choose the best Korean dating app or site that will meet their specific criteria and expectations and learn enough about the culture to avoid common mistakes and succeed on this dating platform.

*Advertising Disclosure: This article might have sponsored content. We recommend doing your own research and making choices that are best for you. The content provided here is for informational purposes only.



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