Best European Dating Sites To Find A Legit European Partner Online In 2024

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A lot of western singles prefer to look for partners in Europe, and it actually makes sense. A European partner is likely to be more westernized than, for example, an Asian one. Fewer cultural barriers, fewer conflicts, right? But what are the best places to meet and date Europeans online? Let’s find out.

Best European Dating Sites

Among the many European dating sites on the market, the following list highlights those that work the best for seeking European singles.

While some experts think SofiaDate has nothing special, I consider this website the most effective for meeting European women online. It has an extensive choice of free features, accurate search filters, a catalog of users’ videos, and real gift delivery — features not as common on other websites. So I recommend trying SofiaDate without a doubt.— Christie Hester

Are European Dating Sites Legit?

As we reviewed tons of online dating apps and websites, we’ve already learned how to distinguish reliable platforms from illegal ones. We can assure you that the European dating sites, that we offered you to visit, are legit. They provide users with a strong community of adults over 18 years old, tough verification with photo, video, and ID checks, secure payment via reputable payment systems, and protection of human rights by monitoring suspicious activity. So you can be confident you are not breaking the rules by using European dating sites to seek potential partners.

Which European dating site is completely free?

Here’s how this market works — there are global free dating sites and apps (and you definitely heard their names) that earn money from ads and premium plans. There are also niche websites, that usually accept people from one region and those who’d like to meet and date people from this region. Sites from the second category are usually paid ones as they don’t earn money from ads and can’t accept as many members as global platforms.

Still, even such platforms with relatively narrow target audiences usually have both free and premium features. For example, a user who joins any of the sites that we mentioned earlier can not only sign up for free but also use free search, ask the support team for help, get full access to profiles, and some basic communication tools.

What is dating like in Europe?

  • The number of singles varies across the EU, from around 20% in Malta to over 50% in Sweden.
  • Relationships seem to last in the EU about as well as in the US, with the crude number of marriages twice the crude number of divorces across most countries.
  • English is a common foreign language in Europe, and Sweden is leading the pack, with over 70% of the population being proficient in the language.

Many European languages do not have the word for “dating”, which makes defining relationships much easier. The French and the Spanish call it “going out with someone” and leave the labels at that. At the same time, most Europeans assume a relationship is exclusive if they regularly go out on dates with the same person. Dating several people simultaneously is not common in most EU states.

It isn’t surprising that Swedish singles are never in a hurry to start serious relationships or families, considering their independent spirit and high quality of life. Instead, they prefer to keep things casual and free of labels, just like in France and Spain. And the Swedes, too, consider relationships exclusive unless they explicitly specify otherwise.

Italians are probably the most sensual and open about intimate relationships among all European nations. Yet, surprisingly, they often consider oral sex more intimate than other sexual acts and put it off until the relationship becomes more serious.

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