Best International Dating Sites in 2024

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2 min readMar 14, 2024


I am confident about the effectiveness of the following international dating sites in the list below. Check them if you want to find a partner overseas.

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What is international dating like?

  • Half of the US population is single, and the rise of the single trend is observed globally, from China to Latin America.
  • While the marriage age rises, so does the duration of an average marriage, while the number of divorces is slowly decreasing globally.
  • Out of 2.5 billion English speakers in the world, it’s a native language for 400 million. English proficiency is steadily growing, though men embrace the language faster than women.

International dating is a global trend

One in five American married-couple households includes a non-US-born spouse, and the number of K-1 visas issued has tripled in the last thirty years. Around 60% of K-1 visa applicants meet with their American fiancés online, while the rest meet in person.

Online dating apps and international dating sites are the most common source of international romance, with 14% of couples eventually tying the knot after meeting online. Facebook is a close second, making for every fifth international marriage in the US in recent years. Over 80% of all social media acquaintances that lead to marriage go through Facebook. Surprisingly, a growing number of couples meet through online games.

Out of those who meet their future foreign spouses in person, most meet either through common acquaintances, unexpected moments, or business. In-person meetings are ubiquitous among nearby countries, including Cuba and Mexico, as well as Ecuador, South Africa, and Costa Rica.

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