Filipino Dating Sites: Best Websites To Meet Filipino Singles Online In 2024

Christie Hester
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2 min readMar 15, 2024


Every year, tens of thousands of Filipino people, most of whom are Filipino women, immigrate to marry their foreign spouses. How do they find them? Yes, that’s right — most find future wives and husbands online, and here, you’ll find all the information on how the Filipino online dating market really works. On some sites, you can meet real Filipino singles, and on some, you won’t find anyone but scammers and catfishes. Below, you can see the online dating platforms from the first category.

Best Filipino Dating Sites

Check out the following Filipino dating sites that work perfectly for finding compatible matches quickly.

SakuraDate is an excellent niche dating website with a substantial user base of singles from the Philippines and other countries of the Asian region. All the features are simple to use, especially search filters and mails. The majority of profiles are detailed enough to have all the information about potential matches in one place and, what is more, a large selection of public and secret photos from ladies, to fully enjoy their beauty.— Christie Hester

Which Filipino dating site is completely free?

There are pretty many free sites that claim to have or actually have members in the Philippines, but it’s hard to find a free niche online dating site with only Asian or Filipino members. Such websites are usually paid ones because of careful moderation, strict policy regarding the potential members (especially female ones), and lots of special features, from video chat and streams that are aimed at connecting people living thousands of miles away from each other. Still, even these platforms usually have many free services, from registration and search to sending greeting messages — paying is always optional.

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