5 Minutes with Gabby Shaw, Principal Consultant, ADLIB

Online Influence is slowly approaching. With just a few weeks until the big day, we had a chat with Principal Consultant at ADLIB (One of #OiConf’s Partners), Gabby Shaw on her role at the company.

Oi: For those who don’t know, can you explain what ADLIB is all about and how you found yourself working there?

Gabby: ADLIB has spent the last 15 years helping brands big and small, agencies of all shapes and sizes, thriving SMEs and ambitious start-ups find the brightest minds in the world of marketing, digital, eCommerce, tech, creative and UX. We’ve spent many moons honing our craft and are proud to say we do a really good job.

I joined the business back in 2013 after spending a year living and working in NYC. I was very passionate about what ‘proper’ recruitment could be but had no idea I’d find a business not only so dedicated to doing things the right way, but also completely ingrained in a sector that is so fascinating to me — as soon as I discovered that ADLIB was both, I jumped straight aboard.

Oi: Can you tell us more ahead of the Agenda being released of what you’ll be speaking about at Online Influence 2016?

Gabby: Earlier in the year I was part of a group of digital / creative types from Bristol who went out to SxSW ’16 together. The experience was so good that I couldn’t possibly run the risk of not going again next year. I’ll be attempting to give you a flavour for just how brilliant South by is, talking through what to expect in 2017, how to justify the price and how to go about measuring the value that will come out of your investment — all in the hope that you’ll all be stumbling over each other to commit to the trip next year, making my task for securing investment to go again much easier!

Oi: With ADLIB’s motto being ‘Creating Teams, Shaping Futures’, how does the recruitment process typically work at ADLIB?

Gabby: We like to keep it as simple as possible. We understand exactly what our clients are after, and then we go out and find it. We’re in the fortunate position that our heritage to date, our brand and the way that we’ve been so accepted in to the industries that we work in over the years means that we’re spoilt in terms of the

Talented people that come to us daily looking for a new challenge. So we work our magic putting the pieces together — time and time and time again! (If only it really were that simple…)

Oi: We noticed that there’s a large amount of digital tech jobs in the South-West area. How would you describe the Tech Scene here to an outsider like myself?

Gabby: The demand for talent within the digital technology sector is at an all-time high. In 2015, here at ADLIB we’ve recorded a 10% rise in the number of vacancies registered compared to 2014 and they’ve come from across the board — digital agencies, start-ups, established brands, multichannel businesses, you name it.

The South West has also welcomed an influx of London based tech and digital businesses who have been attracted to the region by the local business support networks, history of creative innovation, university and transport links and access to talent. Not forgetting, of course, the promise of an improved lifestyle and environment.

To be more specific, recently Tech Nation reported 135,713 digital tech economy jobs in the South West of the 1.56m across the UK. 36,547 digital jobs in Bristol and Bath alone which is recognised by Centre for Cities and McKinsey & Company as one of the two globally significant digital tech clusters in the UK, including over 60,000 digital workers in the broader region.

This brings local collaboration (81% of business owners see it as a benefit), meetups (third highest in the UK) and a variety of Tech Hubs such as Engine Shed, Bristol & Bath Science Park and the Bath Guild — all set to support the growth of the region.

But it’s not all about the South West. ADLIB operate across the South West, South Wales, South Coast and Home Counties. Of 43,342 digital tech economy jobs in Wales 18,925 are based in Cardiff and Swansea area, which is topped with a well-fostered entrepreneurial community. Bournemouth & Poole are proud to boast the third highest density of digital tech businesses in the UK.

So yes, I would say: booming, across the South West, South Coast and South Wales.

Oi: Your website states that ADLIB is “so much more than a recruitment company”, can you explain what sets ADLIB apart from a typical recruitment agency?

Gabby: Where to start really! As you can imagine, a lot of us have done our fair share of horrible recruitment jobs — so we’re all too aware of what it’s like out there. The things that I think set us apart includes the industry partnerships we’ve forged over the years, the level to which we’re engrained in our industries, our investment in (and respect of) our own brand and marketing, the fact that a large chunk of us come from the industries that we now recruit

for gives us a proper understanding of what we’re doing, the fact that all the talented recruiters that drive the success of ADLIB are given the autonomy that they need to do their jobs properly — I could go on, but I can sense your eyes glazing over!

Oi: For an employer looking to recruit the right person for the job, how can they get in touch with ADLIB and discuss what you can bring to their company?

Gabby: This bit’s easy. Give us a ring on 01179269530, drop us a note on hello@adlib-recruitment.co.uk, swing by our snazzy new offices in central Bristol or tweet us at @AdLibRecruit. Our full creds can be found here: www.adlib-recruitment.co.uk

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