5 Minutes with Paul Sackmann, Social Marketing & Community Coordinator, EMEA, Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s Social Marketing & Community Coordinator, EMEA, Paul Sackmann took 5 minutes out of his busy schedule to speak with us ahead of his talk to discuss Hootsuite, their Ambassador programme and all things Digital Marketing.

Paul is in charge of their social strategy for EMEA. With over 12 million users worldwide, Paul has experience in growing and nurturing communities, executing social strategies and delivering social media success across multiple languages.

OI: Thanks for chatting Paul, at Online Influence you will be discussing How to build an advocate community. Tell us about Hootsuite’s?

Paul: We call our advocates “Hootsuite Ambassadors”. They are our most passionate fans and expert users, who showcase their social media expertise and help us deliver a better product all over the world. Our Ambassadors help us on so many levels, it’s incredible!

Oi: For those who don’t know, tell us about yourself and your roles at Hootsuite?

Paul: I’m a Berliner, moved over to London from Brussels 2 years ago where I left the hospitality sector, to start working at Hootsuite. I think everyone who has “Community” in their job title knows that it’s really difficult to describe their job in a nutshell, but I’ll give it a shot: I basically grow and foster our online community, which is basically everyone talking to us online, for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Community also involves all our stakeholders, so I talk a lot to colleagues, partners, suppliers, clients and prospects to build sustainable relationships and generate multilateral value. And then there is my social marketing hat, which I am wearing for our regional social channels, to create awareness, drive leads and launch campaigns for the business.

Oi: Do you feel that building an Advocate community is right for every business, and why?

Paul: Not for every business, no. There are highly regulated industries, where it becomes very tricky for a business to accommodate an advocate programme and make it compliant.

However, I believe it’s safe to say, that every business has its advocates and where possible, brands should hold on to those in every way possible, because the value they provide is massive.

Oi: Hootsuite was great engagement with it’s customers, using social listening tools to help anyway they can. What’s the secret to keeping happy customers on Social?

Paul: I think one of our key success factors is keeping our brand voice on a very approachable level. We don’t believe in B2C or B2B communication on social — it’s a human approach and whoever we talk to, shouldn’t have the impression they are talking to some big, faceless corporation, but understand that there’s another human being on the other side, capable of being empathetic.

Oi: What is your biggest success?

Paul: I ran the half-marathon of Brussels two years ago, without dying :)

Oi: How has Hootsuite developed their product to meet the needs of the changing social landscape?

Paul: Like every successful company we’re trying meet the needs of our clients — in best case, before these needs emerge.

Oi: Is there any exciting news planned for Hootsuite and their products?

Paul: Yes, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Just keep an eye on social for some Hootsuite news.

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