Rouslan Guevara
Feb 28 · 5 min read

Have you heard of the Great Wall of China? Isn’t it beautiful? It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World and I would like to see it for myself before I die.

But do you know what’s not so wonderful?

“The Great Firewall of China”.

Let me explain…

Imagine that the Great Wall is inside your computer and what it‘s actually doing is restricting your internet connection. This is what’s happening in China and many other countries that have adopted similar measures to censor the Internet for their people.

Why is China in Favor of Internet Censorship?

China’s internet control is no joke. According to CNN, it is more extensive and advanced than any other country in the world, hiring thousands of people to monitor the access of individuals. But, how did this happen?

In summary, the authorities of China don’t want to allow different ideologies that could affect the stability of their government.

One of the best things about the internet is that it can be a tool for people to find a voice and join groups from different countries that have the same interests, and it’s way easier than in real life.

In our eyes, this might seem like a good thing. A diversity of opinions and communities. Free speech, right? Well, in the eyes of China the internet is a dangerous platform that encourages movements that could potentially threaten the power and stability of the Communist Party of China.

So what is their excuse for doing this? The political and ideological background of Internet censorship is considered to be one of Deng Xiaoping’s favorite sayings in the early 1980s: “If you open a window for fresh air, you have to expect some flies to blow in.”

They’re basically protecting their values and political ideas from “swatting flies” of other ideologies. This is a big problem against internet users, who are not allowed to see anything that the government doesn’t want them to see.

The Effect of the Great Firewall of China

Let’s take a closer look at the effects of Internet Censorship in China. Firstly, the government is limiting access to foreign information sources and tools. This means that Google, Facebook, Twitter, among other essential websites are being blocked to the masses.

The people only have access to content from China, and any website that comes from the outside is prohibited. As a result, foreign companies have to adapt to domestic regulations and this has proven great for big local businesses.

The Great Firewall might be a violation of human rights and free speech but it has propelled Chinese websites to achieving record sales because they are the only option for consumers. Given the facts, do you think that the government is inclined to stop their censorship any time soon? Of course not.

China is proud of its system and more countries have adopted similar measures. Take a look at this graphic to see how Internet Freedom compares around the world.

Not as Free as You Thought?

Censorship Around the Globe

As you can see, Internet Freedom has been restricted in more countries than just China. Other countries with laws that censor online activity are Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam, just to name a few.

How are these countries able to shut down the Internet at their will? Well, most internet-free countries have democratic governments that don’t allow a single authority to present a new law without prior approval from the parliament. But the countries mentioned above have a different regime.

For example, Russia has a federal law known as the Russian Internet Restriction Bill, which gives the government the right to block websites with dangerous or illegal content. It claims to be for the well-being of the citizens, as they block sites that have violent or pornographic content, but in some cases, this law has been used to repress opinions and protests against Putin.

Another case of censorship comes from Iran, which bans all kinds of pornographic content, including art, news and other categories that go against the Islamic Republic.

Pakistan is another country that has heavily censored the internet for religious, political and cultural reasons. One of the most concerning aspects of their system is that they force people to link their social media accounts with their cell phone numbers and their phones are also linked to their fingerprints. All of this to ensure that every single user is constantly monitored, violating their privacy rights.

How Can We Take Back our Freedom?

Now that we have a better understanding of what’s happening in the world, what can we do to combat Internet Censorship?

Our extension will allow all users to encrypt their connection using our VPN to prevent third parties from following you online and stealing your data. This means that you will be able to access websites that are blocked or censored in your country to enjoy a free Internet.

This feature is coming soon and will available for all the major browsers and mobile devices. Today, you can try our demo version, which allows you to stop trackers from spying on you, as well as some other functions.

Online Demo for Google Chrome:

We believe that everyone deserves to keep their browsing experience private, secure and open to the world.

Don’t let them censor you! Discover!

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Rouslan Guevara

Written by Blockchain Technologies

Our platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable, thus marking a groundbreaking change of the Internet.

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