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Something we must mention is our partnership with Zfort Group team. Nothing would be possible without them! We have worked hard together since January of 2018 after a successful previous engagement between founder and Zfort Group. 20 dedicated team members are assigned to project including developers, project managers, QA, business analysts, designers, DevOps. They have been doing their job since 2000, and as of this year, they were the one responsible for bringing our ideas to life and making them possible.

Full cycle development services that met our high standards

They are full-scale IT outsourcing service provider, and we are very proud that we are in business with them! A range of software services in the B2B segment is something they are well-known for, and their capabilities include consulting, analysis, design, assurance, management and web and mobile development. They went from an original 3 founders to 250 employees today, where 54% are developers. They have a wide range of customers, from small companies to Fortune 500. Some of the companies they collaborated with are Adobe, Nike, Cisco, Henkel, Ford, P&G, Nasa, Seagate, United Nations…


Day by day, the number of Internet users is growing, but still, many providers fail to adopt the latest technologies in their system to make high-speed connection round the clock a reality. We could say that we are extremely dissatisfied with the fact that we have no privacy and are always under cyber attacks. In that manner, we gave and are still offering our best to enable safe and joyful Internet experience to our users.

Speed is also the biggest concern for users today. You never know when your connection gets interrupted or slows down while doing work over the internet. Besides that, expensive data packages, after sales service and generic servers are also listed in the current hot problems with the Internet service providers. Many of them misguide the users by putting misleading advertisements and unfair policies. platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad-free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable, thus marking a groundbreaking change of the Internet.

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