Team at The Leading Conference On Decentralization, D10e, in Tel Aviv

d10e is a conference held 9–12 June of 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel , organized by Mike Costache. The primary goal of this conference was to explore and get people interested in the future of FinTech, ICOs, Blockchain, sharing economy, future of work and disruptive culture. took part in a segment called ICO Pitch Competition, and we are thrilled to announce that we won 1st place from the Investor prize which was $50,000. Second place went to Stryking and third place took Coti.

Also, we are happy to tell that we raised another $350,000 within 48 hours after we announced winning 1st place in the ICO Pitch Competition. Our pre-sale now has surpassed the $6,000,000 mark as we get ready for the start of our ICO.

At d10e, we discussed a problem of tracking on the internet nowadays. Lately, with everything that has been going on, after the Facebook incidents, all of us became aware of the fact that we are exposed all the time. This topic was discussed many times by the people around us. Every single one of us has it’s right to privacy, it’s something they cannot take from us, at least legally. Google knows where you are most of the time too, but at least it lets you turn off location tracking, and to delete your history.

While was explaining all of this, we looked back to latest privacy scandal, the Facebook scandal. Facebook has been giving user data to at least 60 major device manufacturers over the last decade — including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung — as part of a data-sharing partnership program which allowed the companies to integrate various features such as messaging and “like” buttons into their products.

Interesting facts from the presentation:

  • US Internet user on average spends 32 hours on the internet per month, twice as much to the average Global user
  • Asia has the highest online population
  • North America has the highest online penetration rate of 78.90%
  • China has the highest number of Internet users
  • Google is the most visited web property online
  • Average Facebook users spend around 7 hours, 45 minutes and 49 seconds per month
  • Most time is spent on social networking sites, searches and reading content solution aims at revolutionizing the internet, by putting privacy a priority, we will block adds, stop tracking and protect from increasing malware attacks. ecosystem entails website operators to unlock a multi-billion dollar market by replacing the traditional revenue model with a revolutionary non-invasive one which capitalizes on the time spent by users online. While end users will enjoy an ad-free, secure, and non-trackable browsing experience and better engage with content and brands.

We aim to create a more secure and enjoyable place for internet users, thus abiding by the core values of the www; hence we believe our investors to be our partners in this endeavor of freeing the internet from less transparent practices used by the advertising industry. We will continue to grow and develop while patiently waiting for our next chance to shy again.
Founder and CEO of, Alexandru Iulian Florea.

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