Rouslan Guevara
Jun 20 · 4 min read

If you don’t live in China or Iran, where the Internet is strictly monitored and every user with a different opinion to the government is silenced, you might feel like you’re safe from censorship.

Well, think again.

Internet censorship can be a very subtle thing to notice, and the fact that high-profile corporations can monitor what we do online at all times is a main part of the problem. If we have less privacy, more people with power are able to select what to censor for everyone.

What‘s Being Hidden From Us?

To be clear, there are two kinds of censorship. One of them is justified and the other one is not. If we encounter any kind of hate speech online that incites people to harm others, then it makes sense to stop those messages from being spread. For example, Germany blocks any sites that contain Nazi ideologies and misinformation from groups that question the existence of the Holocaust. So if it makes sense for the greater good, I think that we can all agree that it’s a reasonable solution.

However, when censorship comes from a need to establish a dominant opinion that benefits a corporation or government, then we are talking about a violation of our freedom.

We should always be aware of our rights regarding free speech and be vocal when someone censors our opinions for not aligning with theirs. So who is being silenced and what’s being hidden from us?

According to data from Freedom House, there are over 30 countries that manipulate online content to persuade the masses and use sophisticated systems to recommend this kind of content over opposing opinions.

“Venezuela, the Philippines, and Turkey were among 30 countries where governments were found to employ armies of “opinion shapers” to spread government views, drive particular agendas, and counter government critics on social media.”

This kind of behavior is done with bots and propaganda producers, but the scary thing is that they can seamlessly blend in with trusted content. How? Remember that they have access to our online profiles and tendencies so it only takes a few algorithm adjustments and boom… you are only reading what they want you to read.

The same logic applies if you want to share your own content and someone with power decides that they don’t like it. Even if you attempt to do some politically incorrect jokes, you might be a victim of censorship. More often than not this kind of content can be purposely given less visibility by the higher-ups that control the Internet.

That is unless we can encrypt our data to make their job a lot harder!

Encrypt Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

The best way to avoid that this happens to you is to make sure your data is always encrypted. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. It only takes a good VPN for your devices and that’s it! No government or corporation will be able to decipher your information.

What’s a VPN? It stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s basically a technology that allows you to browse the internet as if you were directly connected to a private network. This means that you can feel safe any time you enter the web because you’ll be protected from unwanted spies.

Most of the VPN’s also allow you to change your location to access content that may be blocked in your country. They are the perfect tool to beat censorship!

Plus, you can also watch all the Netflix shows you want from all around the globe.

Unlock your Freedom!

We recommend you to start using a VPN for your own online security. There are many options out there. Some of them are free, but they have their limitations so if you want to get the full experience we advise you to get the premium version. Some of our favorites are Nord VPN and Express VPN.

And we are also working on our own VPN feature for to give you the most complete solution for a safe internet experience.

On the meantime, you can try our demo version which allows you to stop trackers from spying on you and block intrusive ads and malware.

Online Demo for Google Chrome:

Make sure to come back next week when we cover more tips on how to stay anonymous online. There are some easy things you can do for free to keep your privacy, so stay tuned to find out!

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Our platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable, thus marking a groundbreaking change of the Internet.

Rouslan Guevara

Written by Blockchain Technologies

Our platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience by making it faster, ad free, more reliable, secure and non-trackable, thus marking a groundbreaking change of the Internet.

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