08 Social Media Branding Tips for Startups in 2020

Lewis Thomas
Nov 22, 2019 · 5 min read
Social Media Branding Tips for Startups

Want to know how you can make your social media branding powerful in 2020? In this post, I am sharing 08 most effective tips that can help startups boost their social media presence. To maximize your social branding efforts, you have to follow a plan that makes you win the audience. As, nowadays, Social media is progressing towards having a unique differentiation for each social platform. Gone are the days when you apply the same strategy to all your social media channels. Today, to make your social presence strong, you have to come up with an effective social media strategy that maximizes your social media ROI.

Not only social media graphics, but you also have to take care of the logo design that you will be using on your social media channels. Designing a logo that you can use on all your social platforms too with clear dimensions is a task that you need to practice. You can design graphics on your own or you can also opt to buy online logo design services too. As your logo plays a crucial role too in making your social media branding a powerful one.

Let’s explore.

Make Use Of Consistent Graphics:

Be it the design of your logo or social media graphics, you have to keep a consistent style while following all the basic steps of branding being startup. Use your logo in all your social media graphics to let people get an idea about what your brand stands for. The more consistently you will be using graphical elements, the more you will be able in projecting unique and aesthetic brand image. It will also help in making people recognizing the credibility of your brand in the market. Make sure your graphics are created in view of how best you can intrigue your audience.

Deliver Story Through Visuals

You have to deliver your brand story keeping in view the visuals that are captivating and making your audience convince too. Visual Stories are the greatest resource to capture your audience attention. Thus, you need to ensure in delivering the product or service benefits through short stories. Further, how they can benefit an ordinary person. Also, why your brand needs to be their first choice. State the benefits to the core and make sure you create the overall visual strategy.

Incorporate Custom Designs

To make your social media graphics visually appealing, you have to create custom designs for your social media. You can use the free stock images, for instance, Pexels, FreePik etc. However, it will not be as effective as the ones that you create for your audience. Tools like Photoshop and Canva can help you design amazing graphics to make your audience feel immersed. The good part is you can design on your own, or can take help from graphic designers who are experts in their field.

Make A Habit Of Frequent Posting

If you are setting a posting schedule for your social media, you have to do it on the set frequencies. Moreover, do not miss your chance to stay ahead of the competitors. Publish daily and make your audience feel remembered. For example, you can use Buffer, SocialOomph or HootSuite etc. However, the key is to create a file where you note down all your content schedule for a week and follow it. Before that, analyze what works for your brand along with the targeted audience and what not. Making use of interactive questions related to your products or services will establish curiosity in their minds.

Use Of Influencer Marketing

As the competition gets tough, you have to come up with new ways to entice your audience. Nowadays, Influencer marketing is one of the winning strategies you can use. To rapidly drive conversions on social media, you have to keep your brand stay tuned with trending ways to make your audience feel valued. Set your budget first and then ask famous influencers in your niche to market your brand. The important aspect is to choose the right influencers that help you get high engagement.

Engage With Your Audience

Connect with your audience on social platforms and make them feel valued through audience engagement activities. Your goal should be to make your public relations strong in the market. Thereby, you have to take both the positive and negative feedback to better know how you can best offer value to your audience. The goal is to communicate with your audience. You can do so by replying to post comments and other feedback. Focus not only on positive feedback rather positively treat criticism too.

Analyze Social Media ROI

Before you dive into creating a strategy for your social media, establish short and long-term goals that you want to achieve. You have to actively monitor your social media campaigns that performs to get better results. Tracking the performance makes you realize what measures you need to take to perform well. The takeaway is to gather data from all of your social platforms and analyze each of your social media ROI. You may also check the analytics to get better insights for likes, followers, tweets, impressions on your social platforms.

Use Popular Social Media Tools

Here are some of the well-known tools that can help you make your brand visibility strong in front of your targeted audience. HootSuite, Coschedule, Canva, TweetDeck and BuzzSumo, etc. are some of the tools you can use to make your social media game strong. The key here is to create a unique strategy for each platform. Besides, persist in being flexible while you make a strategy for your social media.

To get an organic presence in the market, you have to aim for getting real followers and likes. Do not fall into the trap of getting fake accounts just to make your presence felt. Follow a weekly or monthly schedule and get stick to it. If you are posting short content or images to engage the audience, do that on a set timeline. This way your audience will start following you when they feel they will be getting value from your side.


The competition in social media branding is getting tough. Therefore, to make your brand strategy a powerful one, you have to make your social media presence as unique as possible to create a difference in the market. The more you start connecting with your audience socially, the more you will be able to create a positive social image. Start with the basic steps mentioned above and then diversify your strategy in accordance to your needs.

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Lewis Thomas is working as a brand ambassador and currently associated with a renowned US based logo design agency, @Logo Orbit.

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