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The best of 5 Recommended Microsoft partners for 2021

The best of 5 Recommended Microsoft partners for 2021, features the stories of companies that are helping other organizations on a hassle-free journey to digitization.

Business Automation Experts — Rejuvenating Businesses With The Most Efficient Technology

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Embee Software Private Ltd

Where Excellence Meets Tech

Embee Software Private Ltd is a leading Indian Technology solutions and services provider focused on driving digital transformation in the Indian mid-market, with a turnover crossing USD 100 million in FY21. Embee’s mission is to enable organizations to transform with technology in a digital, mobile-first, data-driven world. The company’s solution portfolio spans the public & hybrid cloud, modern workplace, business apps, data analytics, cybersecurity, smart classrooms & surveillance, all backed by support and managed services operations.

Embee maintains a strategic relationship with leading technology OEMs in India. The company has been a Microsoft partner for over 27 years and a key LSP since 2010. As an early adopter of Cloud solutions, Embee was recognized as the Cloud Software Partner of the Year for APAC by Canalys in 2017, Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in 2018, and DevOps finalist award winner 2020.

In a conversation with Mr. Sudhir Kothari — CEO & Managing Director of Embee Software Pvt, read out his views on the current industry scenario, his journey, and what Embee Software is all about.

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Dawn Of The Computing Era

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Processware Systems

Enhancing Banking Experience With Enhanced Microsoft Based Technology

Every business sector across the globe is at the cusp of the digital revolution. While being a part of the digital revolution, businesses need to select the proper technologies that can simplify and secure their workflow. Processware Systems is a name that earned the trust of many businesses in the banking and finance landscape across the world with its comprehensive and cutting-edge offerings, advancing over time.

Processware Systems was started in 1989 and has firmly established its position in the software market, as a solutions provider. The organization has been able to gain the customer’s confidence in providing quality solutions to business problems. In an ever-changing IT scenario, Processware has been able to design and implement novel solutions for its customers, both in India and abroad.

Processware Systems has been involved in the design and development of Enterprise-class products in the B2B segment. These products have been widely accepted by customers across the World. Processware Systems launched its Core Banking Solution — BankSoft on the Cloud in 2011, one of the first to do so in India. Mr. Guru Murthy, CEO is a backbone behind the long-standing growth of Processware Systems Pvt Ltd.

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Transforming Businesses With Latest Technological Breakthroughs

Tech9Labs is the contrivance of Amit Jain — an IT professional who jumped out of a cushy job to spearhead the difference. While in the job with top MNC to provide IT Infra consulting to various enterprises in India & abroad, he felt a clear lack of technology integration to handhold clients in setting up their technology roadmap. The majority of business partners were turning out to be vendors and not partnering in the success of their clients. Under his strong leadership, the venture kicked off its strategic alliance innings with many OEMs & a strong in-house team to provide multi-dimensional solutions & services from its first year itself.

In a talk with Amit Jain, we discovered what Tech9Labs is all about and what the future holds for the company.

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