How Turning A Blind Eye To Perfection Helps Me To Pump Out Tons Of Content And Have Fun

And so can you. Steal my productivity secret.

Kristina God, MBA
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3 min readDec 11, 2021


The Secret To My Productivity. Photo in black and white of woman turns a blind eye.
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Again and again, I am asked about my high productivity.

How come you’re so productive, Medium Goddess?

You’re productivity level is amazing! How do you do this as a working mom with a small child at home?

Here’s my dirty little secret, fellow writers:

I don’t pursue to get my content to 100%.

Yes, I do my best but I turn a blind eye to perfection

At work, people always tell me I’m a perfectionist.

I would always give my best and thrive for 100%.

Well, that’s pretty nice but at some point in my corporate career, I learned that doing less was much better and healthier for me than trying to get 100%.

Because 100% = perfect, just doesn't exist.

Yes, when I write online I do my best.

I do my best to get it 80% of the way to as good as I am able to make it.

But I don’t go further.

That’s my 80% rule.

Getting it done = success!

Getting it perfect isn’t.

Yes, you can pump out tons of content and have fun too

Instead of over-editing and overthinking your articles, try my 80% rule instead.

This is my secret to productivity.

This rule will help you pump out tons of content and have fun.

Moreover, it will help you learn a bunch of stuff about yourself and your writing too.

I always tell my wonderful boot campers and coachees that …

every published story = data point.

With every new story (short or long) you find out what’s working and what’s not.

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Online Writing and Blogging Made Easy

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