It was a different evening. I wasn’t so sure about what peculiar tang made this moment different. Maybe it was of the moon, full in her glory- poured out her tears from depths of far away homes. Or the subtle scent of flowers, laced in air told a tale of nature that goes beyond human understanding. Maybe it was the bats and occasional night owls, chasing phantoms in sheets of an unending night. I wasn’t so sure.

Then I looked up to the sky, and somewhere beneath the distant horizon, I saw a constellation of stars shaped in a trident. They stood out different from other freckles of stars dusted in space. I felt found. For I do not know what inks the morrow holds, I do not know the songs which will be sang. But this is I know is sure, as long as I look up at night and see the shapes of these stars, I know I would always become. Home is faraway, I know I will find peace when dusk comes to take my soul. So here I sit, wrapped in a silence that drowns me, looking up at the night sky, lost in stars beyond the horizon.


Only in the Night is a series of write ups about the night. The night time is the most peaceful time to be and for all those who love it like I do, I hope you can feel the vibe am trying to pass across. These write ups are about what I feel and see when the night comes, Only a love for the night. I hope I can find your heart between these lines. Thank you.