International ONO is Launching Soon: Register For Your Invite Code

Ke Xu, CEO and founder of ONO stated in a recent Telegram AMA that the international version of ONO will be launching soon, around July 15–17.

In order to use the ONO dApp, you must register to get an invite code:

After you fill out the form, you will be receiving an email with an invite code around the time the dApp launches. You won’t be receiving an email before that time. Many people have asked this question, and seem confused as to why they have not received anything yet. The invite codes will be sent out when the dApp launches, not before. So please be patient, and wait until the launch date arrives. That’s when you’ll receive your code.

The ONO social network uses an invitation code system for many reasons.

One reason we are using the invite code system is to limit the number of sign ups. As you know the dApp is in beta, and it requires early adopters to help give feedback to improve the UI and functionality of the dApp. The early adopters are very special to the health and growth of the ONO ecosystem.

Another reason we use the invite code system is to reduce the amount of bot accounts. And yet another reason to use the invite code system is to mimic friend networks in the real world. Once you get your ONO account, you will be inviting your friends and family members to join ONO, too.

If you haven’t registered to get your invite code, you can now:

Join ONO:

Official website:
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