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On Tuesday, the beta version of the ONO international dApp was released on our website to the English-speaking regions and South Korea. To date, there are now 3.24 million registered accounts on the ONO social network. The ONO development team will continue to work hard and make continuous efforts to bring the best experience for everyone.

ONO | Free Decentralized Blockchain Network based on Equality aims to create a prosperous and shared ONO ecosystem with ONO’s main network.

Our journey is the sea of stars!

1 Product and research and development progress

1.1 Product and R&D progress this week

This week, the ONO 2.0 beta version of the international dApp was released. Beta testers are now submitting feedback to the developer team.

The international version supports the switch between Chinese, English and Korean, and welcomes the first international keynote partners. Users can use email to register, set a password, and log in by account + password. Now you can manually block the content you don’t like. At the same time, the friend system has been integrated. After you get your ID verified, you can unlock the long article feature. Do you know any good writers? Send them to ONO. There are more new features waiting for everyone to discover.

Due to technical migration and other reasons, the front-end data display and other issues, the R & D team has been troubleshooting overnight and did an emergency repair, and will complete the repair of all abnormal data before July 22.

This week, more keynote partners gave feedback. The main problems were: registration login error, inability to like comments, garbled questions in Korean environment, invitation code, verification code failed to work and other issues have been resolved. In the Korean environment, the ONOT account page cannot display, and the identity of the overseas user is incorrectly registered, and is still being fixed.

1.2 ONO is expected to usher in V2.0.1 version in late July

Fix known bugs, under testing
Partial page display optimization, testing
Optimize user identity discrimination, product solution optimization
ONO release egg waiting for you to discover, under testing

Bugs fixed in this week’s release:

iOS fixes the missing BUG for personal information privacy button
iOS fixes the problem that entering the IM page does not meet the user’s needs
iOS fixes the bug that the page prompts the copy missing.
iOS fixes bugs in friend request page message details
iOS fixes the bug that the post-forward story cannot be entered
iOS fixes bugs in sharing articles to open page jump errors
Android fixed the real name authentication part of the prompt picture does not match the BUG
Android fixes bugs when the friends delete each other when the list page is displayed incorrectly.
Android fixes the problem of multi-model adaptation in the top bar
Android fixes the problem of copying errors in the Korean status of the real-name authentication page
Server fixes bugs about IM login instability
Server fixes bugs about ONO login instability
Server fixes bugs related to invitation codes

1.4 Product operation progress this week

On July 10th, we officially released the ONO Community Specification to the ONO social network. All users can reply to the “Community Specification” under the public number <ONO Xu Ke>. From July 11th, the daily violations were publicized. The violations were as follows: violation list, folding reasons, daily warnings, appeal methods, and community regulations.

This week, a total of 164 users were folded, (for details, please refer to the previous “violation publicity”). The community norms that are violated are mainly:

1) Article 2 of the first point of laws and regulations
Sensitive content related to pornography, gambling, etc. that is prohibited in the relevant regulations.
2) The second point is the first item under the unfriendly behavior:
Insults, harassment, discrimination, malicious incitement, attacks, threats or other behaviors that do not respect other users, causing serious impact on other users and ONO communities.
3) The first point under the third spam message
Publish multiple spam advertisements containing products, services, and promotional content.
4) The second point of the third spam message
The act of forging influence, such as using bots, registering an account, and interacting with a bot.
5) The third point of the third spam message
Malicious marketing, mass posting, forwarding of comments, and any content not related to the topic.
6) The fourth point of malicious behavior
Make plug-ins, malicious programs or related tutorials for operating account functions.

Due to the current inadequacy of the ONO social network complaint mechanism, more development time is still needed. Therefore, users who have a clear objection to the processing results in the short term can go directly to the public number <ONO Xu Ke> and reply to the “appeal” to fill out the form for feedback.

2 Market progress

2.1 Basic operations

As of July 20, the ONO social network has registered more than 3.24 million accounts. The ONO development team will not sleep, make unremitting efforts to bring the best experience for everyone.

The ONO social network international beta test version was released at 9:00 pm on July 16th, US time. Early adopters are testing the beta version and a bug feedback Telegram channel has been set up to collect and report bugs. Later the ONO dapp will be available in Google Play and the Apple Appstore. In the later iterations of the version, ONO will support simultaneous translations and truly break through global social network barriers.

2.2 Market dynamics

On the early morning of Thursday, ONO officially opened KYC certification. The ONOT sale was officially launched at 12 midnight on Friday and is the Dutch auction style similar to EOS. It will last for a total of 305 days and 20 hours, for a total of 29 billion ONOT.

On Friday, ONO completed the issuance of ONOT to institutions and early contributors who participated in the previous round.

On July 20th, the ONO social network registered accounts totaled 3.24 million. The ONO dApp has become the blockchain social network with the largest number of users and active users worldwide.

Amelle’s Q&A Series on YouTube

2.3 Marketing activities

The ONO Opening Ceremony Conference will be held at the Beijing Film Directors Center on July 26th. The conference will be releasing thousands of ONOTs to share in the growth of ONO with all guests.

On July 20th, the airborne community was broadcast live in the 173th group of the community ONO Freedom and Equality Community.

Join ONO:

Official website: https://www.ono.chat
Telegram English

ONO Social Network

ONO is a free, decentralized social network for the next generation


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ONO is a free, decentralized social network based on EOS.IO for the next generation. Join ONO: https://www.ono.chat/en/ #yourdata

ONO Social Network

ONO is a free, decentralized social network for the next generation

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