ONO Weekly Update: June 9–15

Hi, everyone.

The live version of ONO DAPP was released on April 15 and after two months of initial growth, the ONO DAPP “Adventurer Edition” has entered 296,453 users (adventurers).

ONO, the free, equal, and decentralized blockchain value network ecosystem aims to create an ONO ecosystem that is prosperous and common with ONO’s main network.

Details of this week’s weekly report are as follows:

Product and R&D Progress

This week, ONO V1.7 has been officially launched. Home page shows a new revision, support subscription + hot + latest. Support for secondary content page display, personal home page according to articles, short stories, forwarding split, more organized content, subscription and friends circle content were merged. There are now more opportunities for interaction with your ONO friends.

The ONO main network is under construction. The main network R&D team consists of 10 people. Three of them are from Argentina. The team leader Matias Romeo was a Blockchain developer who started to participate in the Bitcoin community in 2011 and is involved in the development of Ripple, BTS, Steem and EOS.

ONO is expected to launch V2.0 on July 14th

  • Support the use of mailbox registration UI program has been confirmed and is under development.
  • Diversified login methods, support for “account (phone number or email) + password” login, UI program has been confirmed and is under development.
  • Release of real-name certification in International version, International users can use the driver’s license or passport for real-name authentication. UI program has been confirmed and is under development.
  • Support for language switching, support for English, Korean display, copy preparation, functional UI program has been confirmed.
  • Improve the account system. Users can add emails, mobile numbers, and passwords in their settings page. At the same time, the password can be changed and retrieved. The account security is further protected and enhanced.

Bugs Fixed

  • Some Android models couldn’t pass verification — Fixed
  • Some Android model were having compatibility issues — Fixed
  • IOS user name setting verification failure — Fixed
  • IOS stopping subscriptions multiple times — Fixed
  • IOS interactive experience optimization.
  • Incomplete display of IOS personal homepage username — Fixed
  • IOS can’t sweep BUG with friends — Fixed
  • Fixed the article permission settings without record BUG
  • Fix bugs on the right side of the notification prompts
  • After fixing the replacement portrait, there is no BUG loaded in the program.
  • BUG to repair notice reminder delay
  • Fixed a bug that went into the friend’s home page by searching.

Next week product iteration plan

It is expected that V1.8 will be released next week and it is already in R&D. The requirements include:

  • Optimized upgrade of UI experience in the existing version
  • Fix online version BUG, ​​product function experience optimization
  • Modify content to increase the ability to save drafts
  • Increase the cutting function in IOS when publishing the long article cover image
  • Anti-SPAM optimization, to solve the problem of preventing the same person from improving the hot sorting of content-related operation
  • ONO official website design and research and development will be completed
  • Completion of the demand for content-related product optimization solutions.

Marketing Activities

Basic operation

  • As of June 15th, ONO DAPP “Adventurer Edition” has completed the registration of 296,453 keynote partners. The first batch of 300,000 key partners through the invitation code will be closed.
  • In order to improve the version function, ONO International is expected to be postponed to mid-July. Currently, there are over 15,000 overseas users who have subscribed for the beta code.

Market Dynamics

  • On June 12, Ke Xu said in an interview with “The Front Line of Entrepreneurship”: “The intergenerational transition of social networks may seem to take a long time, but an old, deeply rooted platform will lose its market overnight. The examples abound, so it is still not clear when ONO will be able to replace a centralized platform, but I know that this alternative will happen.”
  • On June 12th, Ke Xu served as “Mars Finance • Editor-in-Chief Time”. Ke Xu stated that ONO’s main network would choose to improve smart contract and consensus mechanism on EOS.IO software. ONO will be managing the community through ONO DAC to avoid community split.
  • Ke Xu had an interview with Yahoo Finance and FX Empire.
  • On June 10th, ONO Super Partner @ZhiWen launched a small Meetup for blockchain enthusiasts in Nanjing. Super Partner @ Aitetu @ Jin Lixiao were also there and shared ONO decentralized Value network ecology.
  • On the 14th of June, during the opening of the World Cup in Russia, ONO Ke Xu WeChat Public launched the “ONO World Cup Bomb” mini-game where players shared 200,000 ONOT prize pools. The game will be closed at 12:00 noon on June 18th.
  • On the next Friday, Ke Xu will participate in the Silver Lake Salon in Shenzhen Bay Blockchain and will be sharing “ONO Decentralized Value Network Ecology” with blockchain enthusiasts.

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