ONO Will Launch the ONO Mainnet Using EOS.IO Platform

The ONO social network is using the EOS.IO software to launch the ONO mainnet later in June.

EOS.IO is an open-source blockchain platform developed by Block.one based on the DPOS consensus mechanism with high performance and excellent scalability. EOS.IO software’s accounts, permissions, asynchronous communication, and distributed technologies have driven the tremendous development of blockchain technology in recent times. The EOS main network, driven by community consensus, has also received significant attention, and eosONO is also participating in the campaign for the 21 EOS Block Producers. EOS block rewards will go towards the development of the EOS user base, EOS dApp development and EOS community support.

To promote the broad application of EOS.IO, ONO is using the EOS.IO software to start the main chain of ONO projects and to improve community autonomy.

Through the Global Super Partner program, ONO is going to manage ONO’s community and avoid division of its community members:

  1. ONO will improve the rules for Block Producer campaigns to avoid alliances and collusion.

2. For the improvement of the reward system, engaged ONO users will have the incentive to participate in voting.

3. To give back to EOS and its users, on the main chain, ONO will be doing an airdrop to the original EOS holders.

Thank you for your support and attention,

ONO Team

Join us:

Become one of the early adopters in ONO by reserving your invitation code today: https://www.ono.chat/en/invite/index.html 
This is a pre-registration to secure an invitation code, and the codes will be emailed to you after June 25, 2018.

Official website: https://www.ono.chat
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