ONOT Airdrop FAQ: EOS Holders Will Get ONOTs

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FAQ About the ONOT airdrop:

Q: Will EOS holders get the ONOT airdrop?

A: Yes

Q: When will the airdrop happen?

A: After the ONO mainnet is born, (follow ONO channels to stay informed)

Q: How will you decide which EOS holders get the airdrop?

A: The genesis snapshot of EOS wallet balances will be used for the ONOT airdrop.

Q: Is there any minimum EOS balance in order to get the ONOT airdrop?

A: No, there is no minimum balance.

Q: What’s the amount of ONOT you will get in relation to EOS, what’s the ratio?

A: You will get 1 ONOT for each 1 EOS you have. For example, if you have 10 EOS in the genesis snapshot, you will get 10 ONOTs airdropped to you.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with regard to waiting for the information about the ONOT airdrop, which will be going to EOS holders and also to early ONO supporters. The information above only covers the ONOT airdrop to EOS holders. Stay tuned for info regarding the ONOT rewards to early ONO supporters. The ONO social network is rewarding both EOS holders and early supporters, as this seemed the most fair thing to do.

ONOT is the name of the native token in the ONO social network and it’s currently an ERC20 token based on Ethereum. Click here to see the ONOT contract on Etherscan.

Once the EOS mainnet is launched and then later the ONO mainnet is born, the ONOT token will be migrated to the ONO mainnet. ONO will provide the necessary tools to do this transfer.

Once this process is complete, EOS holders will be airdropped ONOTs, using the EOS genesis blockchain snapshot for the distribution. For each 1 EOS you have according to the EOS genesis snapshot, you will receive 1 ONOT. The ratio is 1:1.

eosONO is an EOS Block Producer candidate for the EOS mainnet, while the ONO social network is building the ONO mainnet in June, and a forthcoming article will explain this in detail. eosONO is committed to expanding the EOS ecosystem and its block rewards, if selected, will go towards the development, expansion and support of the EOS community.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm,

ONO Team

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