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Promoting ONO to Musicians

The Anointed Choir. Photograph was taken from Harvest House Christian Center Facebook Page.

ONO is a decentralized blockchain social media that is built on the principle of equality, freedom and love. The DApp is currently available in China and would be available for the international users by the middle of July 2018.

ONO promises to be very user-friendly and focus on the human. It would provide a splendid user-experience and easy-to-navigate user interface. ONO will reward users for their content, attention and activities with tokens called ONOT.

Today, I had a very fantastic time promoting ONO to some musicians at Harvest House Christian Center.

I had a casual meeting with some members of the choir. I told them about the ONO launch and made sure that they signed up for invite codes. We talked about how musicians can use Blockchain technology to monetize their craft.

Musicians spend a lot of time rehearsing and perfecting their skills to provide beautiful melodies and harmonies filled with entertainment and inspiration for the world but the current system doesn’t give them a fair compensation for their time and effort.

I believe Blockchain technologies like ONO will provide fairer solutions that will eliminate unnecessary middle men and create new systems for musicians to effectively monetize their craft.

Musicians share a lot of their content online on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but they make no money from their content. Upcoming musicians struggle to do everything, from creating a fan base to raising funds to lunch their albums. I believe that musicians are going to love ONO because with ONO, they will be able to easily monetize their content. Contents shared on ONO are ever green, they don’t expire. People will be able to make money from content years after creating them. This will encourage musicians to focus on improving the quality of their content and horn their their craft and focus less on generating revenue.

I have started a community of musicians on WhatsApp called ONOMUSIC. The purpose of this community is to teach and encourage musicians to make use of Blockchain products like ONO to promote their content. This community of musicians will be part of the early adopters of ONO, they will make a home for themselves in ONO and leverage the ONO DAPP to share their content, build a fan base and socialize with other musicians.

I believe that an easy-to-use UI coupled with an effective reward structure that incentivizes quality content, will enable ONO to be the killer app that will bring a lot of non-techy folks (especially musicians) to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As musicians use the ONO DApp, they will begin to develope interest in blockchain technology.

My goal is to create a community of musicians who use blockchain technology, to be a blockchain evangelist to musicians and to be a consultant that will guide musicians on how to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies in a way that would be easy for them. I have already created a blockchain music community on WhatsApp called ONOMUSIC. We have started a movement. This is the beginning of an exciting journey.

Thank you very much.

Below are some pictures from my casual meet-up and promotional event for ONO. The photographs were taken with my Android phone(Infinix Zero Five Pro).

If you are a musician and you want to be part of the ONOMUSIC community please click on the invite link below.

Thank you very much.



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