The Venetian ONEX Trade Wars — Devnet Edition

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2 min readJan 24, 2024


Nomads — time to assemble yet again! This time, for the Venetian ONEX Wars devnet edition, featuring the brand new go-to-market interface of the Onomy Exchange and $NOM prizes for participants.

Venetian ONEX Wars Whitelists

If you’ve whitelisted or participated in the previous editions of the ONEX Wars, your ammo has been airdropped to your wallet.

Readying the Armada!

In the Nomad armada, everybody wins — so long as you carry out your assigned duties. Prizes will be evenly distributed to all participants who fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Go to to access the ONEX devnet and connect your wallet.
  2. Place at least 5 limit orders and 5 market orders in different pools.
  3. Provision liquidity to at least 2 pools (create a drop).
  4. Provide feedback in the ONEX-wars-feedback channel that you now have access to on Discord. The more feedback you provide, the better. It helps DAO contributors improve the user experience, add in-demand features, and fix any bugs that may appear in preparation for mainnet launch.

High-ambition soldier?

Good. There’s more for you. Should you prove your trading acumen and rank amongst the top 3 traders, you’ll receive 1,000 NOM for ranking first, 500 NOM for ranking second, and 300 NOM for ranking third.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Trade your way to as much USDT and USDC as possible.
  2. Before the end of the contest, provision liquidity in the USDT/USDC pool and see if you rank in the top 3.
  3. If you do, you win!

Sybil-fanatics, beware. If you sign up with multiple addresses, you will be blacklisted from future competitions. If your address transfers or receives currencies to/from another address, you will be blacklisted all the same. Let’s keep things fair & square!

The competition will run until the 31st of January. Prizes will be distributed shortly after.




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