Crypto-currencies growth vs.OnPlace investing strategy (key milestones)

Gamov Mikhail
Jun 17, 2017 · 3 min read

Undoubtedly, in 2017 major crypto-currencies such as BTC and ETH attract the attention of even wider range of investors.

The dynamics of their exchange rate for the second quarter of 2017 alone shows that investing in such assets brings high revenues: the BTC growth for the period was up to 250% and the growth of the ETH up to 8–9 times.

Even the skeptical asset managers and traders can not stay away from such phenomenal growth.

However, a simple analysis shows that for the currency as well as for any high volatility exchange asset, significant price adjustments are characteristic (the last such corrections were noted for 3 trading days in a row from May 25–27 and June 13–15 and resulted in a minimum price reduction of 30–50% ). See the pictures below:

This kind of dynamics testifies that despite all their attractiveness, investments in crypto-currencies are associated with extremely high risk and require professional management skills from the investor.

Even without resorting to margin trading and not attracting borrowed funds, you can lose a substantial part of your investments.

OnPlace Inc. introducing its new investment platform OnPlace investments, that offers an alternative approach by providing investment participation of high level profitability and maximum investment protection.

The profitability of investing in the business of the most successful IT companies implemented in our service is the most realistic alternative to investing in crypto-currencies: see the presented calculations below.

That is, on average, investments in the portfolio of private companies ensure an investment growth of 8–9 times or about 200% per year.

At the same time, such investments allow to reduce investment risks to a minimum because they are not subject to high volatility, are provided with a diversified structure of the investment portfolio, and even with the fall of individual stocks, they allow to remain the overall portfolio of investments in the profit zone.

Thus, it can be concluded that the investment strategy proposed by the OnPlace investments allows you to fully realize the advantages of the “buy and hold” approach while ensuring a high profitability with a low entry threshold for the investor and does not require the skills of a professional asset manager.

A separate undisputed advantage of OnPlace investments services for users of OPL tokens will be the use of all the advantages of blockchain technology related to the simplification and protection of the investment procedure itself.

Gamov Mikhail
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