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GranTOS: TOSv2 Phase 1 Public Test Winner

Phase 1 public test reward distribution

You can find the Korean version of the article here.

Hello, this is TONStarter, the decentralized launchpad platform developed by Tokamak Network for Layer 2 projects.

  • TOSv2 Phase 1 public test information: link
  • TOSv2 Phase 1 public test result: link

TOS reward has been distributed based on the results of the TOSv2 Phase 1 public test conducted by the community. From this public test, we received 89 service-related feedbacks and 2 advertisements for TONStarter from 13 community members.

GranTOS Reward Sourcing

To source the TOS rewards for the TOSv2 phase 1 testers, we have decided to burn additional TOS from the Marketing vault, and use Tokamak Network team’s share from TOSv2 to reward the TOSv2 phase 1 testers.

Additional TOS burning

Tokamak Network team has burned an additional 500,000 TOS from Marketing vault.

Marketing vault burning txn: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4751b034d2b7c059ba63bd47dbb9d6c617ccb29e8c692613e47760e5333ac2c8

Tokamak Network team’s shares from bonding

Tokamak Network team has earned 109,800 TOS since TOSv2 opening. Out of 109,800 TOS, 100,370 TOS (91.4%) will be used to distribute the rewards for the TOSv2 public test phase 1 testers.

Important notes about Tokamak Network team’s share from bonding

We want to remind users that bonding is the mechanism that will determine the success of TONStarter and Tokamak network teams since the team’s and DAO’s incentive is based on the bonding amount and minting rate.

Another important thing to note is that the minting rate will be updated every time Tokamak Network team deposits 200 ETH (~ $225,000) every month until a total of 2,000 ETH is deposited (~ $2,250,000). Eventually, Tokamak Network team’s share earned from bonding will be reduced greatly due to the lower minting rate. Please wait for the next post about TOSv2 modeling to understand the economics of the bond markets.

Public Test Reward Distribution Details

TONStarter (TOS) Contract Address: 0x409c4d8cd5d2924b9bc5509230d16a61289c8153

TOS reward distribution txn: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x9a152bbcf9dd9d72d0bbc1ebed668bd18280dd7e4116363ec23427e9c6ff1709

Thank you for your interest in the first public test of TOSv2. GranTOS will continue to update TOSv2 with the community.

We thank those who contributed to the TONStarter and Tokamak Network’s ecosystem.

Tokamak Network & TONStarter

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