MTON Lunar New Year Giveaway Event

온더 (Onther)
Jan 21 · 2 min read

@OntherInc, the world’s leading Ethereum R&D team completed a mastering project called Tokamak Network, and it received a grant from @EthResearch(Ethereum Foundation) last year. We are incredibly fortunate to receive this grant and appreciate a celebratory message from @VitalikButerin(Viatalik Buterin).

To continue on this path, the Tokamak Network team decided to launch a new staking service. To use this service, users need TON(Tokamak Network Token) in the future.

1. Giveaway Event

This GIVEAWAY is a great way to earn your first MTON. It’s super EASY, so you MUST try it!!

2. How to Participate?

You MUST FOLLOW us & RETWEET the following link.
✅RETWEET the following link:
✅FOLLOW @OntherInc

You can simply fill out this form:

3. Criteria

  • Start Date: Jan. 21st, 2020 at 12 PM (UTC) / Jan. 21st, 2020 at 9 PM (KST)
  • # of Winners (First-Come-First-Served Basis): 500 Winners
  • Reward Per Account: 20 MTON
  • Total Amount of MTON Distribution During the Event: Approximately 10,000 MTON during this event
  • Winners Announcement: Onther’s official Twitter channel
  • Retweet:

4. Why Do We Giveaway MTON Instead of TON?

MTON is a special kind of TON just to experience staking service(Beta V), and it can be swapped for TON in the future. MTON only can be used for the beta version of staking service. Participants MUST swap MTON for TON when TON releases in the market. The team is not responsible for any loss of MTON/TON when participants fail to swap them in time.

5. General Rules for the Event

  • Only one account can be registered for the event.
  • Even participants TWEET multiple times of TWEETs, it still counts as one TWEET.
  • Onther(Tokamak Network) reserves all rights to make changes to the terms at any moment.
  • Payment addresses(i.e. Eth wallet address) and email addresses cannot be changed after the submission.
  • If there is any suspicious or abnormal activity found, MTON cannot be awarded.
  • MTON will be distributed to users at the end of the Feb.

6.More About Us

Tokamak Network:

Vitalik’s Celebratory Message:

Onther’s Research Results on Ethereum Foundation:

Onther’s Project & Feedback from Vitalik Buterin:

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please drop DM us on Twitter(@OntherInc).


Building an Ethereum Blockchain ECO system to Change the World

온더 (Onther)

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Building an Ethereum Blockchain ECO system to Change the World

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