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sTOS & TOSv2 integration

sTOS has been integrated into TOSv2!

You can find the Korean version of the article here.


Hello, this is TONStarter, a decentralized launchpad platform developed by Tokamak network for Layer 2 projects.

TONStarter > DAO’s sTOS has been integrated into the TOSv2 Staking service.

  1. Those who have sTOS by staking TOS in TONStarter > DAO have increased their sTOS by considering the interest (TOS) from block 15972346 to the end of staking as TOSv2 was integrated.
  2. It does not mean that the staked TOS has increased. The staked TOS will receive interest according to the staking interest of TOSv2.
  3. The amount of sTOS held in TONStarter DAO can be checked in My Wallet (exposed by clicking on the address) on the TOSv2 site.
  4. You can check the sTOS holding account and the changed sTOS holding amount here.
  5. From now on, you can check your sTOS holdings through the TOSv2 site and acquire sTOS through the Lock-up Stake function.

How to check sTOS in TOSv2

You can check your sTOS balance using My Wallet UI, and in Stake page (Locked and ETH Bond cards).

1. My Wallet: TOS, LTOS, sTOS

  • You can check the amount of TOS, LTOS, and sTOS in your wallet by clicking on the address located on the right top corner.
My Wallet UI in TOSv2

2. Stake

  • Stake page displays Staked, Locked, and ETH Bond cards depending on the nature of the staking.

Staked : Staking without lock-up period

Locked : Staking with a lock-up period (existing sTOS from TONStarter will show up here)

ETH Bond : Staking from Bonding

My Staked page

Locked Card

  • TOS is staked with lock up period.
  • Any sTOS you earned before TOSv2 service opened should show up here as a locked card.
  • You can check the TOS that was used to stake, earned LTOS and sTOS and the end time based on the lock-up period.
Locked card

ETH Bond Card

  • When bonding by setting a lock-up period, the purchased TOS is automatically staked and an ETH Bond card is created in the Stake menu.
  • You can check the amount of LTOS and sTOS earned from bonding and the principal TOS amount that was staked as LTOS and sTOS. The end time shows the time when LTOS can be unstaked to TOS.
ETH Bond card

Tokamak Network & TONStarter

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