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Tokamak Network Swap V2.0

Introducing new features improving Tokamak Network Swap!

You can find the Korean version of the article here.


Hello, this is Tokamak Network, presenting to you our latest TOSv2 Phase 1 upgrade to TONStarter.

Tokamak Network Swap V2.0 service site: https://swap.tokamak.network

User guide: https://onther.gitbook.io/tokamaknetwork/website-guide/tokamak-network-swap-v2.0

This new and improved version of Tokamak Network Swap will be a one-stop shop for all the Tokamak Network and TONStarter project token swaps. It includes a few advanced features compared to our previous swap service:

  1. Swap between a range of tokens including ETH, WETH, TON, WTON, TOS, DOC, AURA, LYDA.
  2. Exact input swap: The user can swap a user-specified amount of tokens (input) to the corresponding amount of output token.
  3. Exact output swap: The user can swap a calculated amount of input tokens to receive a user-specified amount of output tokens.
  4. Slippage setting: Users can choose the amount of slippage for their swaps or use the default slippage (1% for exact input and 3% for exact output).

Apart from the above features, this service also allows the user to wrap between TON to WTON. We will support (un)wrapping between ETH and WETH at a later date.

Tokamak Network & TONStarter

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