Vitalik Buterin’s big announcements about Plasma EVM(Tokamak Network)

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ZOE KIM(김휘경)
Jun 20 · 3 min read

For the first time in Korea, Onther Inc. won the top prize for Plasma EVM(Tokamak Network) at Ethereum Foundation Grants Program.

The Ethereum Foundation selects a promising project team that has contributed to the Ethereum development community and officially awards the Grant.

It was the first time for South Korea to award. On May 27, 2019, Korean Ethereum Developer Conference began with the big announcements of the Ethereum Foundation. In addition to Vitalik Buterin’s opening ceremony, he delivered his thoughts on Plasma EVM(Tokamak Network) developed by Onther Inc. [00:01:20 ~ 00:01:56 in the video]

Vitalik Buterin’s opening ceremony

안녕하세요 비탈릭입니다.

First, I wanted to to give special thanks to the Ethcon organizers and donors who have contributed their valuable time and resources to host the very first community-driven Ethereum conference in Korea. As non-profit organization, the Ethereum foundation and Ethcon share a lot of similar values and supporting the open source spirit and building truly decentralized and autonomous communities. We hope that the Ethcon event will help to bring many new developers into the Ethereum ecosystem in Korea and that it can serve as a model for other similar events that help to support the developer community and other parts of the world. In order to better support the community, the Ethereum foundation has worked for a long time to bring attention to important but relatively unknown projects and empower individuals who have been sharing their passion with community but have not always been paid and recognized.

Today we wanted to show our appreciation for the Korean Ethereum community by giving grants to some contributors. First I want to thank Onther.Inc who has produced some really interesting new ideas in their Plasma EVM scalability solution. At first I wanted to say that when I listened to their presentation at the Seoul Ethereum meetup, I was very impressed in the specific design that they made is one that even our own plasma researchers never thought about yet. So I thought that it is just one example of really great work coming out of Korea.

And I wanted to thank Haechi labs for improving the developer experience by really saying many open source developer tools into the Ethereum community. Second, there are many individuals who have significantly helped to bridge the gap between the Korean Ethereum community and the Ethereum community globally. First of all 손승원 or 오공 has contributed a lot by providing Korean translated from the weekly core dev meetings. And 정우현, Atomrigs who has been encouraging the growth of the Korean Ethereum community for a several years.

Additionally, we are going to allocate small grants to which is a local version of ethresearch forum that’s we’ve been running for over a year now. And we hope to see more and more Korean researchers interact with each other so that this local community collaboration effort can start producing new and interesting ideas and have an impact on broader community by leading progress areas it’s center of future Ethereum.

Yey, great work everyone. I hope to see more great work like this from other Korean projects soon. So finally I’m also happy to announce that devcon 5 is going to be in Asia this year. And it’s coming to Osaka Japan October 8 to 11. So since we are going to be very close to Korea this year and I’m looking forward to seeing more Korean developers come in to become a key part our new gathering.



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ZOE KIM(김휘경)

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Building an Ethereum Blockchain ECO system to Change the World

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