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A Cross-Chain Wallet Designed For Privacy

& everything that comes with it

Digital wallets these days are a dime a dozen. But luckily for you, we’ve assembled a series of features that arguably make the ONTO wallet a must-have for anyone who wants to send, receive, or manage their assets across multiple blockchains in a simpler fashion. Here are the features that define the ONTO wallet.

Multi-Chain & Decentralized

As blockchains continue to develop, having cross-chain capabilities has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have. With ONTO, users are able to manage all their assets across multiple chains within a single wallet. ONTO currently supports Ontology, NEO, Ethereum, Tron, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Klaytn. With more chains on the way, including Binance Chain, users are able to tie together all of their assets into just one single wallet, protected through their decentralized identity powered by ONT ID.

Simplified Swapping & Asset Management

Transferring tokens to different chains is made super easy with the ONTO wallet, as all assets can be swapped directly on the “MARKET” page. With Ontology’s cross-chain technology, users can immediately swap between dozens of tokens across different chains in a blink of an eye.

As for management, users can search for and add tokens under the “ASSETS” tab. This will permit you to send, receive, and manage tokens on multiple different chains and it even supports NFT tokens!

DeFi & dApps

With much of 2020 being focused on DeFi, ONTO allows you to participate in DeFi activities directly under the “MARKET” tap. Once there, users will have access to DeFi lending platforms such as Wing and Aave or trading platforms like Flamingo, Uniswap, and dYdX. More DeFi, CeFi, and staking products will be added to the wallet in due time!

If DeFi isn’t your cup of tea, no worries as one tab over is the “DISCOVER ” tab — where users can browse through gaming, NFT, and other types of dApps, whether they be dapps on Ontology, Ethereum, or any other supported chain!

Getting Your OScore

OScore is a self-sovereign credit score system built by Ontology that will be accessible through your ONTO wallet. This first of its kind credit system on the blockchain will grant you deeper access to Wing’s new Inclusive Pool by lowering your interest rates and allowing you to undercollateralize assets when borrowing. Your OScore is an accumulation of your transaction histories and assets held across multiple chains. This score will be raised or lowered based on actions conducted like timely repayment of loans, number of past liquidations, and more.

Own Your Data

Last but not least, the ONTO wallet is part of the broader Ontology project which first and foremost prioritizes your data privacy and protection. So you can rest assured that all your assets, digital identity, credit score, transaction history, and interactions with dApps and DeFi platforms will be fully protected and controlled by only you. Nothing says this more clearly than our slogan — I OWN MY DATA

For further details, go to onto.app where you can download the app in just seconds and get started with your ONT ID!




A self-sovereign data wallet that manages your own digital identities, data, and assets

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The ONTO Team

The ONTO Team

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