Celebrate The New Year By Sending Red Packets Through ONTO!

The ONTO Team
Feb 9 · 2 min read

In order to give back to our loyal users from the start and encourage more of you to use the ONTO Red Packet function, we will subsidize the amount you gift to your friends for the Chinese New Year!

Event Duration: February 10–18, 2021 (UTC)

(1) For all users who use the ONTO red packet function to gift friends during the event, we will give back a certain percentage in subsidy. The amount of subsidy will be calculated based on the ratio of the total amount of red packets issued by EACH user during the event, to the total amount of red packets issued by ALL users. The total amount of subsidy will be 1,000 ONG and 10 WING, with the two assets being calculated separately.

(2) Search for “ONTO Red Packet” on the ONTO “Discover” page, and enter the red packet main page. Then decide between WING or ONG to send “normal” or “password protected” red packets. For related operations, please refer to the “ONTO Red Packet Tutorial”.


(1) Users can only use WING or ONG to distribute red packets for the event.

(2) Each user can send up to 5 red packets per day.

(3) Event rewards will be issued within 3 working days after the event ends.

(4) The quantity calculation only counts the amount of red packets opened, whereas the red packets not opened will not be counted to the total.

(5) The subsidies received are provided by the ONTO, whereas the actual amount received won’t change.

(6) If abusive behavior is detected, the ONTO team reserves the right to cancel any given subsidy. This includes but is not limited to the abuse of multiple wallet addresses, monopolizing subsidies and funnelling them into a singular address, or sending red packets back and forth between addresses. Any other form of monopolistic, abusive, or click-farming behaviour will also result in subsidies being revoked. Please be advised.

Sharing is caring! So why not take the time today to share some of your ONG or WING with friends within the ONTO Wallet, and earn a subsidy in the process?

Download ONTO here if you haven’t yet!

For further details, questions or comments — Join our Telegram: http://t.me/ONTOWallet or contact us at contact@onto.app.

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